Saturday, 10 June 2017

Gone Live, Cake Mix, Weddings and other "stuff" :)

Wowsers; thank you. Yesterday I asked for £1 to get my site live on the crowd funding pages and literally just a few hours later someone made a donation of £5. That's five times more than I asked for. Thank you so much. I can't tell you how appreciative I am. I can't thank you personally for your donation was anonymous but please know it means the world to me. I actually only get £4.46 of your donation for they site charge me - I get charged twice when the payment via them is paid by PayPal for PP charge me and the site do too, that's why if you want to use PayPal for your donation you will be (I will be) much better off if you do so direct. The little button below will take you directly to my site 😃.

Of course, if you want to do through the site rather than direct you are more than welcome to, I will be more grateful than you could know, just be aware it's better to pay by card and not use PayPal if you're going to do it that for more of your kind, wonderful and generous donation will be eaten up in charges. Don't forget there are 2 different donation sites you can choose from. For the first "Click Here" and for the second "Click Here". Know that each and every penny will go towards the trip for myself, my niece and her brother if he chooses to join us; if I can raise enough for another I may offer the friend I wanted to take along originally - it's always good to have a man with you 'just-in-case'.

What is about cake mix? Oddly enough and as hard as it is to believe when you look at the size of me, I am not a cake lover. However, give me a bowl of cake mix and I'll love you forever 😃 Even more so right now I'm back on Slimming World. It's such an easy plan to follow if you're a fruit, veg and salad lover. I'm not, so I do struggle at times. I will not fail this time round though. Normally I do it for a reason (and fail) this time is no exception. This time though I plan not to fail for the downtrodden shit upon Sarah has something to prove. For the record, I've not had any cake mix; I was just really craving it. 
I have a wedding to go to next August (2018) and several of the people there are those I have known my whole life; the ones that a couple of years ago cut me out of their lives. Well, one did because of the other one. Sadly he's a two-faced (<<insert awful C word>>) and she's got mental health issues (they make a great combination). Anyway, they're gone and I'm more than fine with that but I am still friends with the rest of her family, her 3 sons included, one of which I camp with regularly. Next year her eldest is getting married and I have been invited. Now, the one I camp with had a 21st Birthday last year and his girlfriend organised a party. I didn't go; not because I didn't want to. Not because I was worried about them being there. I stayed away because I knew she would kick off if I was there and I think too much of the kids to put them in the situation. The night was about her son, but she would have made it about her. When I got the invite for the eldest's wedding I decided straight away that I was going. These boys have been part of my life since the day they were born; not going to the party was silly of me. If they want me there then I will be there. The two-faced piece of shit will be there also. Ignoring him will not be a problem (I'd love to think me and his Mum could at least get to the stage where she is comfortable to be in the same room as me; I'm not holding out much hope though). When my brother got married 5 years ago I bought several dresses for the occasion (promising myself I would fit into at least 1 of them - I failed !!). One of them though will be perfect for the wedding next year. I need to get myself into it. I WILL get myself into it. They all know me as "Fat Sarah". I'm not out to outshine anyone - that is so not my style - but they will do a double-take when they see me. They've (one of them at least) spent their lives putting me down; at the wedding there will be nothing negative they can draw on.

It is a very lovely dress; I think I might even know where it is too 😂. I will look really good in it 😂😂 I'll look good in it IF I can shift the weight; what, what is this IF? I WILL do it 😂😂 If I could have found a photo of it I'd photoshop my head onto that of the model wearing it just so I could show you how good I'll look but I bought it so long ago even google can't find it. 😂😂

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