Drawing a line

After spending a good part of 18 hours in the past 3 days trying to sort out all the extra blogs, instagrams, twitters and facebooks I decided I really do not have the time for them all so had to figure out which ones I thought would work best and which I would have more chance of keeping on top of. I've kept all the blogs (there are 5 of them 😂😂) I've kept the twitters that go with them too - easiest way to share the blogs when I don't have any other google accounts I can share them on - I could get more accounts but the hassle and time are way too much for me (I do work 10/12 hours each day as well 😂😂😂😂) and I've kept one extra facebook and an instagram (those 2 are connected but will only be used for sharing images or posts relating to America itself; I won't share other stuff on those like I do my usual accounts. I did consider setting up tumblrs for them all too but it's just too much - I will set one up for the extra instagram because I share directly from that to it. How these people organise other peoples social media for a living is beyond me. I got so confused. I mean, you have to have a different email for each account and passwords. Even my idiots cheat sheet is looking confusing and I designed that to make it easier for me. Thankfully sharing the blogs to twitter will be straight forward, so that's a blessing. I only wish I'd worked out the easy route before I shared them all earlier. If you think you're confused reading about it, imagine how confused I am trying to organise them all!! Now, if I can just remember to keep sharing and retweeting things on the new blog (the one I got yesterday which I was quite happy to get - www.visitamerica.us.com ) and the bits associated with it I think it could be the one which gets me the most hits and potentially brings in the funds needed :) :) Because all of the accounts for that one are purely fundraising I'm hoping it may gain more attention - not that I won't still share my posts from here on it as well :) 

One good thing about it all is that I earned another 9p from my adsense account today :) 

One bad thing is that the bloody PayPal button is still not working - I am not happy. I only signed up to their business account so I could have a button. 😠 They are also losing out because every penny donated they get a share of. It has to be a problem their end because their links on their actual site are also not working. Nice to know these big companies can get it wrong at times too!! I might have a word with my computer man who sorts everything for me at the shop to see if he can write me some code, or provide a form I could use that would work - we're able to accept paypal via the shop's website. All those links I added here, there and everywhere and not one of them works 😠😠 Even the email link doesn't work for longer than a day. If you CLICK HERE you'll see what I mean. It's a real bugger because if that was to work I could embed the code myself and make a button for people to click. Talk about banging my head against a brick wall with them :)

I did find another way to get it working - via a 3rd party app but they they then included adverts to the bottom of it and I don't want those for other people to earn money from me. How very dare they.

Anyway; enough complaining about something I have no control over. I still have the fundraising pages - I know they mean losing a portion of the money raised (a bigger portion than that of stripe or paypal) but at least their links work.

I'm considering looking around the internet and library for info about historical things that have happened on set days as well for the other blogs - I figure they should be more about America than they are about me. The downside to this is the time it could take and the writing up. It's not as if I can just copy/paste something from lots of different sites; there is this thing called plagiarism after all. Still, you know what they say about "idle hands"? 😂 The devil certainly won't be getting anything out me in the coming weeks and months, that much is sure.