Another Day

with yet another terror attack; so many people asking "why?" and "when will it stop?". Questions that cannot be answered for how can you stop these cowards from doing what they do? They have no concept of humanity, show no sign of having emotions, their own thoughts or feelings; they know nothing of compassion. How do you make a delusional fool see that they will achieve nothing - except ending their lives labelled as murderers? They are not martyrs; they're not doing it for a 'cause'. They're doing it because they are not of sound mind and have been brainwashed by cowards who prey on the weak minded because they are not brave enough to do anything about it themselves. They're happy enough to take the credit though. It sickens me as it sickens us all yet until such time as the cowards pulling the strings are taken out there is nothing that can be done to stop it from happening time and time again; over and over. 

The media have to take some responsibility too. They may not be out there pulling the strings of these brainwashed weak minded men (boys most often). Why do I say this? Because once these 'terrorists' have been named and the COWARDS pulling their strings have claimed responsibility they spend the next few weeks plastering their faces all over the news, Internet, in papers. They should NEVER give these people any kind of publicity. They should describe them as cowards and say no more about them. The more they are named, the more they believe they are winning and their strength for their 'cause' gains momentum. In fact I often wonder if we'd have so many attacks if the media didn't do all it could to promote them. If nobody is hearing/seeing what they are doing and who they are will they still keep doing it? I'm sure to a point they will - they are delusional after all - I just don't think they will ramp it up like they have right now. 

Anyway; I've had my say on these cowards before and I have no plans to fuel their fires and give them any more coverage than they are already getting. My heart breaks for the families of those who have lost their loved ones; the anger they must be feeling at the same time. It doesn't bear thinking about. Losing a loved one in an accident is hard but to lose them in such a horrific way; I can't even begin to imagine how they must be feeling. 

These awful things happening do (once again) make me think about how our lives can end at any time, which in turn makes me even more determined to try and live it as much as I can each and every day. I'm going to give my all to everything that means something to me. I will lose the weight - I got on the scales this morning; it wasn't good :)  I'm going to finish the cross stitch I started in 2010 (and planned to finish before April 2011 - I'm going to go all out to actually accomplish something. Anything can happen at any time; I don't want to end my days with people saying about me "she never truly saw anything through to the end". I don't want to be known as that woman. Easier said than done but the more awful things I hear about this world, the more I have to get my house in order.