Who's that trip trapping

over my bridge.

Ahh yes, the trolls have been out in force over the past 24 hours. I think one found me then sent message via a paper boat down the river to the one hiding under the next bridge, who then made his own paper boat to sail to the next - this is how they work isn't it for they are too cowardly to dare venture out from under their bridge into the real world. They hide there, tapping away on their keyboards trying to gauge reaction from their "prey" not really bothering to think about what they are spouting or how it could affect someone.

Me? Did it affect me? Not in the slightest - I'm made of tougher stuff than that and have to deal with far worse in my daily life. I don't even rise to their bait; they are not worth my time, effort or thought - although that's obviously not true for I am here talking about them. However, I won't share what they have said for I have no intention of feeding them; I personally hope they starve. I'm here letting you know they've been out because I want anyone who might come across this entry who is having to deal with their own trolls to know that they can be ignored; you do not have to rise to their goading. In fact the only way to deal with them is to ignore them.

In a way I feel sorry for them - the trolls that is; it goes without saying anyone being spouted at by trolls will always get my sympathy. I know I shouldn't but I wonder how miserable their sad little lives must be for the only way they can get themselves attention is to try and bait people. I think you'd have to be pretty damn lonely to force people to have a go back at you just so that you have someone actually making contact with you. They could send nice messages to people I am sure, but you'd probably find those would most likely be overlooked; if they were replied to it would be one line to say "thank you" or similar. That wouldn't give them much attention at all. However they have (quite intelligently - this does surprise me) worked out that if they give someone shit about something, that person is most likely going to react to them. They want a reaction because it makes them know they are alive and they love that someone is speaking to them (even though it's most likely in an awful way) so they continue to spout their diatribe. Before you know what's happening they could have spent a whole evening with someone. Of course, they've spent it with them in a negative way, they've spent it on their own as such (still in their dark, damp, hiding place under the bridge). At least though they've not had to spend that evening alone, and they've been fed, well fed, by the person responding. Personally I think they should open the curtains in their bedroom (which is 99.9% certain to be in their Mum and Dad's house) they need to have a shave (I think it's a given that most trolls are males - over the ages of 45 too) put on some decent clothes (string vests and multi coloured shorts are not a good combination) have a damn good shower (the smell of BO and greasy hair is going to put anyone off) and get themselves out into the daylight. They might find walking down the street they will pass people, and while I am aware a lot of people keep to themselves or have their heads buried in their phones these days, there could be the odd one or 2 people who will tip them a nod, with some who might even say a "good morning / good afternoon to them". They could have real, proper human interaction. Who knows they might even happen across a cafe or bar they could enter where they could strike up conversation with a stranger; they may even find themselves a real human friend.

So while I don't feed them I do pity them. Do you hear that Trolls, if you are reading this? I pity you.

If you find yourself being attacked by these trolls (in the virtual sense of course for they do keep themselves hidden very deeply beneath their bridges) do them a favour. Don't reply. If you do they will stay under there forever. If you don't they may just find they have to venture outside of their confines. They may just find they like the very people they are attacking. They may just find themselves a life.

Be kind to trolls.