Potential change of plans

Not in the whole trip sense - I still plan on going to the places listed, seeing the same things I want to see - the change will most likely come from the people going (or not as the case may be). It's looking more and more likely that it will just be my niece and myself travelling now; great in one way because it keeps the costs down meaning I don't have to try and raise as much. Not so great in another way as you know what they say about "safety in numbers"? Having said that we will be travelling to main tourist places as such so would never really be on our own, and I am sure hundreds of thousands of women each year travel across America without any problems. There are also potential other ways around it so watch this space - once it's all booked you'll be the first to know :) 

What has brought about this change? Several things really. The terror attacks in Manchester on Monday night reminded me again just how short life is, how it's about getting out there and living it to the max. It reminded me that there are people in this world who are willing to bring other's down; it's hard enough to deal with such negativity in daily life, so when visiting and seeing sights you dream of, to have a doomsayer/negative nelly bring you down is not a good thing. People who will not see the lack of internet as a reason to complain or be miserable are the kinds of positive needed. People who will see the road ahead of them as a journey with places to be explored, rather than just somewhere else for them to drive are what a road trip is truly all about; making every single day, each and every turn, a new adventure.

Another reason is that my number 3 (nieces brother) does not appear to be that keen about the whole trip (this could of course change when we have the funds in place) For now though I think we can discount him. He does have a new girlfriend at the moment and is still in the throes of 'loves young dream' - we're sure she's the reason he's not wanting to camp with us this weekend, although he won't actually admit to this :) He's also not as happy as his sister and I to sit on a rock all day watching the world slowly change around us. He'd find a lot of it "boring" - at least he thinks he would. I am sure once he was there he'd soon find things to pique his interest. However, we cannot force him to join us if he wishes not to.

The final reason (which also kind of ties in with the first reason) is the friend I was planning to take with me. I've not fallen out with him or anything like that (at least not to my knowledge but I do seem to be cutting people out of my life - and visa verse - so who knows what could/would happen). However, having spent the week in Wales with him, seeing how stressed he got about the 'little things' it got me thinking about how those little things could end up ruining the trip for me and as this whole trip is about me and what I want, to compromise so that I keep someone else happy would not being doing it for myself, therefore, in effect rendering the whole trip completely pointless. Don't get me wrong, I am willing for some give and take, I'm not that bad, it's just I have seen/experienced how he can be when things don't go his way and if he was to stress about anything it would ruin that day for me (and potentially a couple of days after also). I remember back in France how stressed he got about things and it definitely put a dampener on what could have been an otherwise good week. His driving when we were away was also very erratic (downright scary at times) I'm not sure he would get away with such behaviour stateside and he would insist on doing all the driving for he doesn't seem to like the way I drive (he's only ever been in a car with me twice; once for less than 5 minutes, the other time when he was unable to drive and we went camping overnight). I've never yet had an accident that was my fault either so don't think it is about my driving; I think it's more of a control thing for him. Of course, I don't actually want to drive out there (not that I would have a problem doing so it's just I'm so nosey when I'm in a vehicle and love to look at what is all around me; driving I would miss a lot of the scenery) so if he doesn't come, I will have to see if I can come up with another way of getting us from A - B. I did think earlier about whether or not it is possible to hire a driver (I know you can hire limo's and such like but that would be pretentious and not my style at all - I mean more like a man with a car). Another option would be to hire a 12 seat coach that comes with a driver; that would be great as it would give us room to sit comfortably but it would also be a lot dearer than just hiring a car and driving ourselves. These are things I need to research. Hiring a mini-bus would then give the option of opening the trip up to more people; that in itself though would add more issues for we would then have to consider the needs of those extra people so it would again take away from being my trip, to being all about everyone else. If it was just to be the 2 of us it would mean pretty much halving the total budget, which in itself would make a more realistic target for us to try to achieve - or keep it at the same price but give us the chance to fly first class :) Now, wouldn't that be something. I'll need to re-work the figures correctly to be certain and see if I can get some prices for a driver to get us about. So far the only ones I've found work out to about $480 per day - that would be a NO then! Looks as if I will be driving after all; bang goes my Margarita evenings :) I do have another friend I am sure would love to tag along (and who would most likely pay for himself). I'm just not sure he would be able to get the time needed off work. 

Whatever happens and whoever travels, one thing is for sure. My name will be top of the list :) 

There are just 5 days left on one of the funding sites I set up - the one specific to travel. Just 5 days. Could you - yes, you - reading this right now be the person that makes the dream a reality? I believe you could.

Go on - you know you want to :)