I was chatting with someone yesterday about magick and whether or not I believe in it. Not magic in the sense of the Great Suprendo pulling hankies out of his sleeve, or bunches of feather flowers; no, magick as in the power of spells and the like.

I found it a hard question to answer.

You see part of me believes - kind of, while not at the same time. Don't you just love how I am always a contradiction of myself? I think it can work if you believe although I don't think it's the "magick" which makes it happen. I think it's the person performing the magick. I think the power of suggestion can be a very strong thing and if you want something badly enough you can make it happen - if it's meant to be. That's how magick works. No spell is ever guaranteed and you always end them with "So mote it be". This doesn't mean it will definitely be; it means that if it's meant to happen then it will. This is where I find it not believable for if something is meant to be then it will be regardless of whether you perform a spell or not. However, I do think some people need to perform a spell to make themselves do what needs to be done for them to get what they want.

My reason for the doubt about it all is because I have tried casting spells (I had success once!!). I truly believed that when I cast them they were going to work, part of me still believes in one of them and I cast it a really, really long time ago. I realised later that the ones which didn't work were never going to because I was asking for something that I couldn't ever possibly make happen myself. There it is again. You have to be able to make something work yourself for a spell to work and if you can make it work yourself, then you don't need to cast anything in the first place.

When I talk about magick I am talking about good magick, white magick. Black magick is not something anyone should realistically consider. Remember the rule of 3. Anything you throw out there into the ether, or harm you wish upon another, will come back at you 3 fold - similar to Karma, although I really do not believe in that (Karma that is, not the rule of 3, that's one rule I do believe in and will always follow). Going down a dark route is never a good thing. Again though, the people who would consider the dark side are the ones who are most likely troubled. That's sad they feel so low they have to think black thoughts and wish bad things on others. Never get involved in the dark side. You are worth more than that.

Which one did I have success with? I guess I can't be vaguebooking on you so will admit to it being a kissing spell. I'd been kind of seeing this guy for a while and we were getting nowhere so before heading over one evening I cast the spell and within half an hour of being there he finally kissed me. However, I don't actually believe it had anything to do with the spell; I think it was down to the fact I made myself appear more available (in a non-slutty way) and he was also getting bored of our going back and forth. I tried it again a couple of years ago with someone else and am still waiting!! 

I do however, kind of, in a roundabout sort of way, believe in tarot cards. Not all cards (I have one deck that will tell me lies like you wouldn't believe). Again I think it is down to us and how we are feeling and what we read into things ourselves, but there have been occasions when I've been completely stumped. There was a woman my best friend and I saw back in 1996 who told both of us things that day that we basically pooh poohed, ignored and got on with our lives. It wasn't until 2011 when something happened to her that we both remembered what this woman had told her - it was also something she could never have foreseen way back then - she also told her something about all 3 of her kids that I am actually witnessing as happening right now as well which is odd. In 2016 I suddenly remembered something she had told me too way back some 20 years before and I realised what she said had come to fruition in 2014. Maybe deep down in the depths of my phyche somewhere she implanted a thought into my head that I made happen all those years later - for me that is quite possible, ish - but there really was no way she could know about my friend, she'd have had no idea about my friends kids (at that point neither of them had even been considered, let alone conceived) so I do have to wonder if there is something in it.

I was given a set of cards myself when I was younger by a woman I worked with - she'd told me you should never buy your own. I had no clue what they were about or how to use them (I still don't). I ended up giving them away to someone else, but when my friend (the one who has died and whose kids I class as my nieces and nephew) showed an interest she bought herself some cards, a book on how to do it and got me intrigued again. I've had several decks since then and never once been able to garner anything from them. Then I came across an italian set with gnomes on - I can just about say goodbye in Italian - and I have to admit it doesn't matter that I don't know what the words say for when I touch them and use them I do get images flashing through my mind and they have on more than one occasion been correct in their foresight. Again though, I think it more a case of I know what they've said will happen, so I have gone out and made it happen. Our minds are very powerful things that we have no real understanding of. That doesn't stop me from keeping them safe though. My number 2 was talking to me when we were out with her brother a few weeks back about the occult, magick and all manner of spiritual things (it started when my nephew said he wanted to do a ouija board - I have mentioned it in a previous post). It was then I remembered after her Mum died I was given her cards so I have promised I will pass them on to my number 2 and teach her how to read them. Her Mum believed in them and I feel they will be of great comfort to my number 2, and anything that can bring comfort to someone can never be a bad thing.  I'm camping with her over the bank holiday weekend along with a several other friends, but I'm hoping we may get some time to ourselves so I an talk her through them. 

Back to my original question. Do I believe? Let's just say I'm a skeptical wannabe believer, and leave it at that. 

I do believe I will find the money to fund the road trip though - strongly believe that. I've never asked the cards whether I will or not for I don't want them to say 'no' and put me on the wrong train of thought. I know all the time I believe it will happen, then it really will happen. You just watch this space :)