Beyond comprehension

I spent yesterday evening working on a blog entry for today; it was full of the usual - me ranting about something/someone, me being angry about something/someone, me feeling sorry for myself (and those I love) because life has dealt us a shitty hand...... then... I went to bed, slept the best I have in a while.

Imagine my horror when I woke up, grabbed my cuppa, put on the TV and saw my screen full of more death and devastation. While I was sleeping, having random dreams, families in Manchester were trying to find their loved ones, lost children; parents were mourning the death of their child, paramedics were desperately doing all they could to save a child's life, police and the fire brigade were trying to calm the panic, check the areas to make sure no other twisted individual had decided it was turn to kill as many people as he can. Children though? Each and every terror attack leaves me shocked at the cowardice of the one who is committing such atrocious acts - please do not try to argue with me about them being cowards because only a coward would go after innocent children. These cowards aren't brave enough to take on men who are armed, oh no, they have to go for unarmed children - real fucking hero's, aren't they?

I keep seeing people saying "Manchester will rise again" and it will, of that there is no doubt. However, those children (there were adults too) who were killed last night will never rise again, all because of some cowardly individual who thought killing children will make him a hero among his like minded despicable creatures.  I've seen that ISIS have already claimed responsibility for it. Jumping on the coat tails is something they are very good at. They are the biggest cowards of them all; happy to claim it's down to them, but too scared to do it themselves. Instead they manipulate the weak minded, weak willed, the lost souls and turn them into killing machines, leading them to believe it is for the "greater cause". What cause? What do they actually think they will achieve from it all? I've also seen they're (the ISIS lot) are saying it is direct retribution for attacks in Afghanistan. I understand that every day there are children being killed around the world, some of it as direct strikes by our governments coalition armies; I get these people are angry at such things - just as we are angry over here today with what's happened in Manchester, but 2 rights will NEVER make a wrong. At least the governments aren't setting out to deliberately kill innocent women and children; I know they get it wrong, often, and it sickens me but these isis creatures are going out specifically to injure, maim and kill innocents - most times children are included; this time however they were the target and that's what angers me more than anything. On twitter right now, this very minute, there are photo's of 12 kids who are still missing. 12 hours after this atrocity. Their parents don't know if they are dead or alive - I'm sadly going to assume that the fact they've not been located yet means the news for their parents is going to be the worst news they will ever receive. The photo's are not of military men, leaders of countries, generals who follow orders to attack; they are of children. Innocent children who were out at a concert having a wonderful time, and that is the only comfort their parents will ever be able to take from such an horrendous event. At least their last hours on earth were spent enjoying themselves. Imagine now you are the parent of one of those kids? Knowing that is not going to bring you comfort at all, is it? Of course it's not. All it's going to do is remind you how your heart is breaking; how you will never get to see your child again. It's going to remind you that your child was killed in a deliberate attack, aimed at children.

Take a long hard look at the photo of the - still - missing children. They could be your son, daughter, cousin, sister, brother, friend. These are just the missing - in the days to come the photo's of the dead will begin to surface. Whatever possesses someone to deliberately set out to kill? 

Yes, Manchester may rise again, yes, there will be more attacks (of that I am afraid we can most definitely be sure), yes, the world will keep turning. We will never give in to terrorism, they will never win. Yet none of that matters to the parents of those children who have been killed; the ones sitting beside their child's hospital beds praying right now for a miracle that will allow their child to continue living. The parents who are desperately hoping that their child (any of the ones pictured above) are safe somewhere, whilst knowing the chances of that happening fall smaller with each second that passes. Yet still they will prayer for a happy outcome - even those who don't believe will (for a short while at least) turn into believers in the hope their prayers may be answered. 

That leads me onto the whole #PrayForManchester, in the same way we have seen #PrayForParis, #PrayForOrlando, #PrayForLondon and many other places in recent months. I'm sorry, but fuck the prayers. What are they achieving? Nothing, diddly squat. Some of those children who died will have parents that pray regularly; people who believe in a god (whichever religion they follow they will have an 'almighty' to pray to). I'm sorry but if there is a god of any kind  - from any religion - then he/she should be utterly ashamed of themselves and remove themselves from the throne upon which they sit, supposedly looking down on and looking after their followers. What kind of god allows such things to happen? Don't try and fob me off with bullshit about how this is the work of the 'devil' because when I was at school having religious studies rammed down my throat the one thing that connected all the religions we were told about is that "Good will always overcome evil". What utter fucking bullshit that is. Yes, there are good (great) people in Manchester right now putting their own lives on the line for someone they have never met; they're not overcoming evil though, they're just doing their best to work around it. The irony that money and religion are the "root of all evil" is not lost on me.

While we cannot allow these people to keep us down, drive their fear into our hearts, by the same token there are certain places I do go out of my way to avoid these days 'just to be on the safe side'. Certain places that to my mind present an opportunity to any would-be terrorist. While I am fully aware that nowhere is safe, there are some that to me are most definitely 'tempting fate' and if I don't have to visit them I will not go out of my way to do so. Maybe that's what these people want, maybe in a way I am bowing down to their terror and I do not want to live in a world where every doorway I enter has security scanners; yet at the same time if that is what it is going to take to keep us (and our kids) a little bit safer, then sobeit. I don't see this as them winning, I just see it as being cautious.