I am going to commit that cardinal sin and Vaguebook you all right now. The reason? I had this pretty great idea for my nieces birthday, but as she reads this (occasionally, I think) I cannot share it with you all right now. Rest assured though it is a great idea :) 

Don't you hate it when people do that on their facebook (other social media platforms are available). When they put things like "FML" - I had to ask someone what that meant, or "OMG, wow, my life" or the best one "So pissed off" - although the reply when some fool decides to ask "you ok, babe?" (sorry girls but it is most often members of the female species who post such things). You all know the reply I'm talking about, don't you? The one that goes "I'll inbox you". Ummmm. NO you won't you annoying, attention seeking twat. IF you have a problem or something you want to get off your chest and you're willing to put a vague reference to it on your facebook then you will NOT let your equally silly little friends know what's going on by in-boxing them, you will post it on your status for us all to see, or keep your mouth shut to begin with. Don't want people to know what you're on about, don't say anything to begin with. I'd like to say it's usually only girls under 14 but to be honest I've seen some (supposedly) adult women do the same thing. It's not clever, i'ts not funny and it makes you look extremely pathetic. Yet, here I am, in the first 3 lines of this blog, doing exactly what annoys me so often. 

Of course when it comes to spoiling my niece for her 18th I could always hand her a ticket that tells her she's going on a Road Trip!!! There are 7 weeks until her birthday; anything is possible between now and then :) And you don't have anything to spare you are free to share, just in case someone else does :)

We are living in such unsettled times again right now that I am trying to make the most of everything and every moment because I have no idea how/when it might end. People driving cars and lorries into other humans as they go about their daily business. Men and women with bombs strapped to them which they are willing to detonate in crowds of other's with no regard for who they may be murdering. Diseases that can take hold of our bodies at any time without warning or just a simple accident. In the blink of an eye it could all end. I'd love to think when my time comes that I was truly blessed to find people out there willing to help make a dream come true. I know we need to save for a rainy day and pension funds, but what if we never make it? What if the clouds don't empty on us keeping all the moisture to themselves? What if we don't make retirement age? We don't get a choice in when it ends, but we do get the choice in what we do while we are here. I hope when my time comes I can feel that I've helped people, I've made a difference.

Going back to my niece I can tell you I am going to try and write a poem :) Not something I have ever been good at (unless they're rude!!) and I have asked my best friend to give me some pointers (he writes amazing poems) so it will essentially be a collaboration between the 2 of us. 'll give him the info, he'll make up a draft, I'll add my own bits and tweak it to fit :)