Today I took a break

from the exercising; I have walked so far just under 1 mile and will get another 1.5 in this evening when I walk the dog but that is is - except maybe an hour on the exercise bike later, but aside from that I just can't cope with it today. I woke tired and in a really iffy mood (I can't can't decide if I am angry, sad, pissed off, content, bored, fed up, ok or any other of those kinds of feelings. I know I'm not happy while at the same time I'm also not unhappy). Do you see what I mean about my mood? I'm really not sure how I am feeling. I had a little rant to myself earlier for I had let a couple of old friends get to me (fell out with them a couple of years ago but every now and then the bullshit of one and pettiness of the other rears it's ugly head and I have a little rant, then get even angrier with myself that I am still letting them affect my day even after all these years. I absolutely despise one of them and hope when he gets to hell (where he most definitely belongs) he rots there for a really long time (and I don't even believe in and heaven and hell). The other is mentally disturbed so I make allowances for her (sometimes - she's not that bad really and uses her "depression" as an excuse to behave atrociously more often than she should). See, I'm still letting them take up too much of my time - they are not worth a second longer. 

Ok; back to other stuff. 

My nephew has told me he doesn't want to come. Not to America - that's not even really been discussed with him yet and won't be until I have the money at which point I am sure he will most definitely want to come for that - but he doesn't want to come camping. I felt a little sad when he messaged to tell me for he has never turned down a weekend (or day) with me before, but at the same time I was chuffed he feels comfortable enough to be honest with me in telling me. I'd have hated him to come because he thought he should and then not enjoy himself. I do know he wasn't over keen on a couple of people who came with us last year so am not sure if that's put him off or if it's because he's got a new girlfriend so is madly in love again; either way I'm sad he won't be there but happy he's doing what he wants and hasn't felt pressured. His sister is coming so at least I get one of them (although he's the more laid back, non-whining, chippy one!!!). I did sit and work out a 3 mile route around the campsite that I will be able to complete each morning before everyone else get's up - they tend to all sleep in a lot longer than I can). Just because I shall be away doesn't mean I'm going to slacken up on the walking - today I've only stopped because there really are only so many times I can walk up and down the length of my shop before I go totally out of my mind with boredom. 

Going back to America (Oh how I wish I was right now - but I will be soon :) ) I finished typing up the diary I kept when I was out there in 1996. I was going to upload the photo's this afternoon and post it but for some reason google drive is being an arse. It's showing me stuff that should have been deleted and not what I want. I'll have a bash at home tonight if I get time. I can upload directly from my laptop at home. Google is great when it works how it should; when it doesn't it's a pain in the arse - like most things are. I did learn a little more HTML code while scouting to find out why I couldn't find the pictures though so it wasn't a totally wasted effort. It's just frustrating when you can't get something to do what you want, especially when it's a really simple thing. On that subject - websites and the like - a friend of mine phoned me yesterday to tell me he's bought a domain I pointed out to him; he then continued to say "I have some great ideas of the direction I want the site to go in". What he means is "I'll be in to see you in the week, tell you what I want and you can set it up for me". He's going to get a shock when I tell him to "go and do one". Over  the past couple of years I have spent hours setting up web pages, blog pages, social media, photo sharing pages and anything else I could think of that would draw traffic to his sites and he has NOT once bothered to use any of them. I was keeping them up to date for him, trying to build up his portfolio and then one day it struck me that I was wasting my time so I deleted everything I had set up for him. It goes to show how often he even bothered to check for it was over 6 months ago I got rid of it all. I am quite surprised though that he went and bought the domain on his own; normally he asks me to do that for him too, I don't mind doing anything to help anyone but I will not allow myself to be taken for a fool by anyone any more. 

Below is a photo of some of the random things I've snapped this weekend; it's been quite an eclectic experience :)