It's paying off

It would appear all the walking I'm doing is paying off for I was sure I'd have put on weight this week to find when I hopped on the scales that I had in fact lost 3lb - Happy Days. I was so bad the week before last, and as I forgot to weigh myself last week I thought I'd have a lot of making up to do this week - I made it up, and some :) It does some why to making up for the aching ankles, sore feet and inches of blisters!! It makes me even more determined to keep it up for next week. It's certainly very encouraging that's for sure. This after I plan on finally trying the yogalates dvd I have, or at least that's the plan, among all the other bits and pieces I need to be getting on with - housework, dog walking, gardening.

Last night I tried Caulflower Cous Cous. I've never had normal cous cous before but as someone who went through a phase of making my own cauliflower rice I thought I'd give it a go. I had it with my nice hot chilli, added some garlic to it and I have to say I absolutely loved it. With 200 calories less than rice and a massive difference in carb intake it was a win/win. I preferred the texture of it to rice, although not sure I could use it in place of a rice for a rice salad but I'm even willing to give that a go. Anything that may help can never be a bad thing. If only I could get myself off Porridge for breakfast (which I have suddenly developed a real taste for but which is high in carbs) I'd be good to go. Not that I need to reduce my carbs per se as when counting calories I can eat what I want without worrying but on a personal level I find the more carbs I eat the more sluggish I feel so I want to cut back on them for my sake. I have to say it's much nicer not having to force fruit down my throat as I was when I was doing slimming world. I love vegetables (all kinds) but fruit I rarely eat. I don't like the texture of most fruits so tend to avoid eating them but doing slimming world I was making myself eat it because it's what is expected. 

I've no idea how long I will keep it - I'm hoping it will be a permanent thing. I have already worked out how I can get at least a mile a day hill walk in when I got to Wales with my friend later in the year as well as using the pool every day for a mile. As we'll be out and about climbing mountains and walking hills I think I should be able to get a lot of extra calories in and that can only mean wine in the evenings - I don't have to drive when I'm with him as he takes his car which I'm not insured on as it's a works car so I get to be chauffeured for the whole time we are away which means if I want to have a drink or 3 I can :) I drink so rarely these days (I won't even drink one glass if I know I may have to drive the next day - it's not worth the risk) so  to know I have a whole week where I don't have to worry is a bonus. Not that I shall probably drink much. Told myself the same thing last year when we went away and I had just one glass of wine on my birthday. It's like anything, if you can have it you don't necessarily want it but when you can't have it you do. 

The great thing about it all is that WHEN (notice the 'when' not an 'if') I get to the US I shall be looking good in all the photos :)  Not just slim but toned also. I'm really looking forward to meeting the Sarah I shall be when I'm out there :)