2 whole days

without my random waffing; how did you all manage without me? 😁 Yeah, yeah, I know, you all managed "just fine" 😁. Why was I away? No reason in particular at all; I just realised I didn't really have anything to waffle about and I spent those days doing lots but nothing at all at the same time. You know how those days sometimes happen, don't you? 

I do have a cold encroaching on me, first one in almost 2 years. I'm not happy about it but considering one of the guys who works in the office at the back of the shop has one pretty much every month, my driver is on his 5th since Christmas and customers always seem to be coming in full of them I think I've done pretty well to get this far without one. I'm hoping it's just a quick 24 hour thing and will be gone by the end of the day 😁 It needs to be gone by next weekend (which is Easter 😁) for not only is it the day for us to gorge on chocolate eggs (I'm having caramac buttons this year instead of egg) but it is also my Birthday on the Saturday so there will be wine, a takeaway curry, wine, birthday cake (coffee this year with coffee cream filling and chocolate buttons on top) wine, and quite possibly there will be alcohol of some kind 😁😁 This means all bets are off for the weight loss that weekend, although I think if I work it right I could make up for some of the extra I shall eat (drink) the week following so I'm really hopeful that rather than put on I might just stay the same - staying the same is the target I have set myself up for but I am more than aware I will probably put on - hey, I only have a birthday once a year and as last years was totally shit I have some making up to do 😁. I'm catching up with the kids the day before too which will be lovely and possibly include an ice cream down the beach - or similar. I have all 3 of them to myself (a very rare thing to get all 3 together) as well as my eldest niece's daughter as well; I cannot believe that little munchkin will be a year old just 6 days after my birthday. Where does the time go? I'll be heading off on the road trip before I know it as this rate (yes, of course that was a hint for you to head on over to my page for a look and maybe, just maybe, show me some kindness 😁😁😁). I'll even send you a postcard from my trip to Wales if that would help! 😁

I did get round to taking a new "selfie" yesterday as I thought it was time to update the one I use on my personal social media (as opposed to all the bits I share with you all where of course I am me, actually more me than the other me, but not the me you all see). I'll not be updating the ones you all see for a couple of weeks yet but they will get changed. Thought as you won't see it I'd share it with you here - because I'm good like that. 😁😁 Ignore the red cheeks - bloody menopause. 

On the subject of photo's - not that we were but you know how I like to jump from one thing to another - I saw and advert for a company who will print your photo's for "free" in a 6 x 4 size and apparently they will print up to 500 per year. As yet I've not found a catch (there has to be a catch) but I thought I'd give it a try to see if it is real. Their delivery charges seem quite cheap also (although I got mine free as well because they had a 'special offer' when I signed up - I could only order up to 10 for free delivery but even then it's still a cracking deal). I chose some of my favourite photo's from the past couple of years - including some from when I did my little flying visit to the States in 2014. How amazing would it be to be able to get the ones I'll take when I'm out there next, printed? Free!! As great as it is to view photo's online there's nothing quite like having hard copies to hand. I have a bare wall on my side of the office at the shop so am going to start a little photo wall; if they're any good i'll order more.  You can be sure I'll keep you updated 😀

That leads me on nicely to video's. I have a plan for my very first Vlog; yes, I do 😀  I'm not going to tell you though, where's the fun in that? Besides if I tell you then you won't bother to watch it and I'm hoping to get it Viral.. hahahahaha - wouldn't that be something? 😀😀