Stranger things have happened

at sea - apparently, although today, once again, this amazing thing we call life has thrown yet another spanner in the works and proved to me that I understand not a single thing about it. 

There I was just yesterday ranting away about my niece and nephews family and how awful they are; I went on about how they have no truly great memories (as yet) from their teenage years and how my niece had to cancel the opportunity to try and work in Switzerland for 3 months. AT 07.30 this very morning I recieved a text from her saying "I've found someone to have the dog so I can apply after all". Of course we are all aware that there will be lots of other's applying for the limited amount of jobs available, and that she has left it until the very last minute, but I am in no way going to doubt that she will get a shot at it. This time yesterday I thought her hopes were dashed. Today I realise that I should never doubt anything. I really should have known better. If she doesn't get it at least she has tried and that at the end of the day is all she really wanted; the chance to give it a try although I now feel this has happened because it's meant to. I shall be keeping everything crossed for her but I really don't think I need to. It feels as if it's all happening and what a great feeling it is.

Now, this does throw some shade over her coming to America with us; not because she now won't be able to come for the trip will be worked around everyone's schedule so that nobody misses out, but yesterday I was tugging on heart strings to see if someone out there was kind enough to make a donation to the pot and one of the reasons I gave for needing your help was so that I could help both kids have at least one great memory from their teenage years. My niece may now get one for herself with the Switzerland job. Having said that we can never have too many great memories and there is still her brother to consider - plus there is a chance she may not get offered the job anyway (although I highly doubt that). 

I was talking to a friend about it this morning and her words to me when I said I was going to tell you all about my nieces good news, were "well don't go telling anyone that or it will put them off making a donation; they don't need to know until you have raised all you need". She's absolutely right, I could easily have not told you but how dishonest would that have been of me? I pride myself on the fact I'm not out to con anyone; I've been upfront and honest since the second I set up the fund raising pages back in October (yes, I really have been trying for almost 6 months). There is no way I will ever be anything but honest with you. I have to live with myself and my conscience at the end of the day and if I knew someone had been kind enough to make a donation without knowing the absolute truth I think I would sleep even less than I already do. That's just not my style. So today I'm swinging it back to me, away from the kids. Today I'm asking for you to help me make some great memories; don't let me sit up on cloud when my time comes (in a really, really long time, I hope) and say "if only I'd been lucky enough to find someone to help". You, yes YOU could be that one person I am looking for :)