Raising my own funds

After my failed attempts at photo's yesterday - I have another option ready for all that but it can wait for the weekend now, I'm all photographed out - I thought about different ways I can earn the money myself to pay for my trip. As you know I have tried to sell a few bits that were collecting dust under my my bed and in the attic (how on earth do people actually make money at car boots and on ebay? I don't think I've ever reached a reserve yet and I put things as cheap as I can so I get rid of them). I've got my google adsense that I - try to remember to - attach to each blog entry. I think I've earned a whole 15p from it so far (that's better than nothing though). I've been reminding people they owe me money (and am getting nowhere fast, but I shall keep on until every last one has paid me). I am updating my social media every day (almost). I have try to update the campaign pages as often as I can. I want to make this a reality. I want this to happen so I will do all I can to make it so which often means trawling the internet for other ways I could raise some funds and last night I found a site where you post reviews and if they are good enough you can earn something from people liking them. We're not talking pounds and dollars here, just pennies and cents, but each and every penny or cent mounts up and will help so not only have I now got to find the time to keep everything else up together, whilst running a shop, walking my dog, doing household chores and feeding myself I have now added a review site to the list. You know what they say about "idle hands?" :)

The above was written this morning. Since then something has changed. 

Having said all that above it would appear my keeping on at things has borne me a small amount of success as a very kind gentleman made a £90 donation yesterday. Yes, that's NINETY POUNDS.  If you thought I was overwhelmed at the £10 I got the other week you can only imagine how I felt when I saw that amount of money. I had to stop what I was doing for a good hour while I let it sink in. To know someone out there has seen something in me enough to want to help me achieve my dream is more than mind blowing. There really are no words to describe how I am feeling. It's so much more than humbling and it inspires me to keep at it, to keep going. I always knew it would happen, I never once doubted it, but to now see everything starting to come together is a truly magical feeling. I am a very lucky lady. It won't be long before I'm telling the kids to "pack your bags, you're coming road tripping with me".

Boy do they need to get away too. My niece called on Tuesday to tell me she's applied for a temporary job out in Switzerland (during the summer break she wants to work out there as she is training to be a nanny and there are some jobs advertised for British girls to work as AuPairs for 3 months). When her and her brother moved in with their Dad and his wife they also took with them the family dog (which their own father had bought for them when he still lived with their Mum). My niece is the one who feeds the dog, walks the dogs, pays for it's vet bills and groomers. Her Dad and his wife also have a dog of their own. They all live together. The Dad has told my niece she needs to find someone to have her dog for her while she's away because him and his wife (and her ADULT kids) "won't have the time to look after her". My niece was in bits when she phoned me not knowing what she was going to do. I pointed out that they have the time for their own dog so can easily look after hers for the 3 months. What kind of father would do that to his daughter? It's not as if it's a big bouncy dog. She's 15, partially blind and quite happy to sleep in her bed most of the day, venturing out when she needs to go to toilet or eat. All they'd have to do is feed her (my niece has said she'll leave money for the food) and take her across the road to the park (opposite their house) once a day when they take their own dog. I can't tell you how disgusted and angry I was when she was telling me. The man and the wife are just the most despicable creatures. When I am able to tell her and her brother I'm taking them with me will be a truly wonderful day and a moment I am looking forward to very much :)