Patting myself on the back.

Ok, there's a small chance I may be a bit smug today - what, me? Never :) Oh alright, if you insist then I shall continue to be so.  The reason for my smugness?

I did it :)  Not reached my target (yet, that will happen) but I finally managed to get the photo page working, on here, so I don't have to change anything, I don't have to start again with a whole new site, I don't have to take the office guys up on their offer. I can stay right where I am, doing what I know. Happy days indeed. Turns out the issue was just 1 speech mark in the wrong place. I did ask the guy in the office what I was doing wrong though; I can't take all the credit. However, having said that he was mighty impressed that I had been able to sort it and work it all out and had it not been for that one speech mark it would have been sorted on the very first day I started it all. Once I've finished uploading all the photo's to their respective albums (that side is taking longer than I thought) I will let you know and get it live. 

Another good thing that has happened in the past 24 hours since I last bored you all, is that review site I was telling you about has already earned me 9p. That's NINE whole pennies. Go me. This is turning into a pretty fabulous day. If I can just keep it up and earned that amount every day I could get myself a whole £32.85 in a year :) Mind you, not sure how I am going to find the time to fit it all in; I could do with a few more hours that's for sure, but then couldn't we all? I'll just have to manage my time better than I do now. 

Now, let's go back a week (or was it 2?) Do you remember when I was telling you about the tarot card reading? Hang on, I'll go find it and add the link so you know what I'm on about. Nope, won't happen, I looked for it but couldn't find it so will give you a quick recap. I had a few coincidences happen then did a tarot card reading - yes, I kind of believe in all that. Anyway at the time I was suffering from a really bad toothache. It had been raging for days when the card in the "immediate future" position stated that any ailments I had would be gone and I'd probably notice immediately. I laughed at the time (I still doubt even if I want to believe) but did say out loud "If that's true then take this toothache away for me". Haha. Would you believe that just a few hours later I realised that the toothache had gone. Totally gone. I'd not taken anything, I'd not done anything, yet it was no longer there and it had been so bad I thought I must have had an infection and was going to get myself to the dentist so it could be sorted. Is it coincidence, or not? I doubt we'll ever know but I can't tell you what a boost it gave me, how over the past week I have felt more positive than I have in years. My whole outlook on life is changing and in a positive way and that can never be a bad thing so whether there is more to it than we all know, one thing I am sure of is that something happened that day, something I can't explain (a raging toothache doesn't just clear itself up) and I am loving every second of this thing we call life. The kind donation yesterday also confirmed that the power of positivity does seem to have some kind of merit to it.