Not proud of myself

As the title for this ramble says, I am currently not feeling very proud of myself. Not because I've slipped back into my old ways and have eaten crap and not exercised - oh no, this fatty is walking her way to becoming a thinny and eating only what she is allowed or has earned - 19000 steps in the end yesterday and I have the blisters on my feet to prove it! 😣

No, the reason I am not feeling proud is because of the blog entry I started to write earlier today. 

I belong to several photo sharing sites and a few years ago was asked to be a curator on one; it doesn't give me any special privileges but I am there (along with others) to welcome new members and give them nice comments or positive feedback on their photographs. As someone who dabbles at taking pics (not very well) I love picking out what I think is my best work before sharing it on there so the other amazing photographers can have their say - as long as any criticism is constructive I am more than happy to receive it (how else would I learn?). Sadly I am such a horrible person that yesterday when I got a new list emailed to me I couldn't bring myself to comment on several because as hard as I tried to find something positive in them I really couldn't - I still can't and I have looked through them many, many times in the hope something may spring to mind.

This is not where I am ashamed either though for I was taught it "is better to say nothing at all than say something cruel" so I will leave them to other curates in the hope they may be able to find a positive and help out the person that has taken the photo. I was cruel in how I then jumped on here to make today entry all about how bad some of the photographs were and I found myself judging people quite harshly for not doing simple little things that could have helped them - I will still complain about the people who cannot be arsed to rotate their images so that you can view them without having to turn you computer sideways or get a crick in your neck turning your own head - that is just pure laziness. As for the rest of the things I said when I read back through them I saw I was being really quite mean to the people who had shared some of the photo's on there; they deserve my positivity. not negative comments or thoughts so I deleted all I had written and have started again this time only singling out the "non-rotators" - please DON'T share a photo if you can't be arsed to let people view it correctly.

I did however say some great things about other photographers on there - several night scenes were phenomenal (and hadn't been photoshopped - that's a gripe of mine I could rant on about for days). There were also some photo's that while of the same subject as everybody seems to shoot (wooden piers being particular favourites) had a different twist to them. Rather than standing at the head of  pier and shooting in a straight line the length of it some of them had taken their shots from wooden plank levels or on a slightly different angle. I commented on those easily enough for it is always lovely when someone tries something a little different.

That's what I love about my best friend's photography, especially in the last couple of years as he really seems to be growing into it. He took good photo's to begin with but this past year especially he's stepped up several notches and is trying different things, looking for different angles. That's another of the reasons I want him to travel to America with me for while I will look at something and snap off a photo I am pleased with while there, he will see it and snap it from a totally different perspective that will make it come to life far more than anything I could do. His photo's can really bring the memories we will make back to life in a different way. I also know my niece (who I will be taking) would love to learn how to take proper photos - she could not be learning in a better environment or with a better teacher than my friend. It really will be an educational experience for me and her (I'm sure my nephew will learn something out there also - like how to avoid being eaten by a bear!!) 😀

The photo below is one my friend took a couple of weeks ago. He found a chrysant head on the floor in the shop and asked if it was ok to take it (I'd have thrown it in the bin so he was more than welcome to it). He'd had a lesson on light and dark studio work that week so took it home, set himself up a little area and snapped off some shots. This is what he sent to me. Point to note he has granted me permission to share this and it does carry a watermark.