Yesterday I read somewhere about a lady who had set up a fundraising page to try and get enough money to take her 2 kids on a holiday to Euro Disney. She ended up cancelling it. The reason? Because hundreds of trolls suddenly crept their way out from under their bridges. 

So far I've been really lucky not to have encountered too many - I prepared myself for them; I'm not that naive. What I found so hard as I was reading the article was the sheer amount of judgemental people who had commented on the story is such an awful derogatory way. Now, don't get me wrong. There is a small chance she went to the papers about it in the hope that would then mean people will feel sorry for her and hand over their money - that's a very strong possibility, but the comments were just awful and at the end of the day if it gets her to her goal then I have to admire her for it. Most of them along the lines of "As a child my parents couldn't afford to take us on holiday" or "my taxes already pay for her lifestyle so why should I now give over money for her to holiday?" to "If she can't afford to taken them on holiday, tough". 

Firstly, my parents couldn't always afford to take us away when we were kids - no matter how many hours overtime they put in. Them's the breaks, but back in "those" days things were different. Back then I'm sure my parents would have been able to claim these working tax credit things - not that they would have done so. Back then there weren't the other options out there for people to find a way of raising the money to pay for trips. The market for these things is out there for this reason. Anyone who goes onto a website listed at Fund My Travel or Go Fund Me expects to find someone asking for something. If they don't want to help then they shouldn't visit; it's that simple. 

Secondly. how do they know it's their taxes which are paying her benefits (she is on benefits although she also works 2 days a week). How do these trolls know it's their taxes paying her benefits? For all they know it could be my taxes which pay her, or yours, but definitely not theirs. 

Thirdly. Yes, it is "tough" if she can't afford to take her kids, but go back to my 'firstly' point above. Not everyone out there is going to judge someone who has taken the humiliating steps to ask strangers for help - believe me I know how difficult it was, but unlike her (she gave up her fundraising pages (although did go to the papers)) I won't be giving mine up until I have raised every last penny that I need.

My whole point though is what a horrible world we live in when people are so quick to judge. Has the world always been this way? Is it jealousy because these people never thought to try it first? Or, are some people that so self-absorbed they can't think anything but bad thoughts of others? No wonder the world is in such turmoil.