It's trickling in :)

Remember how I told you all I was allowing google adverts on my blogs and that I have found a review site where you can earn money? Well, let me tell you all now; the money is trickling in. In the 4 (or is it now 5?) months since I allowed google to run their ads I have earned the grand sum of.... drum roll please.....  58p. That's right, a whole 58 English pennies :) I've earned half that (29p to those of you who are not good at maths) with 2 reviews on the (oddly enough) review site :) They won't let me withdraw any funds to my bank account until I have £5 in the account (the google one could take a while) but it's all helping build the funds. Slowly but surely. Of course it will have to be declared on my Tax Return which means when added to my wages I could well be taxed on it but I make allowances for that anyway so not really an issue. I remember my Grandmother telling me "Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves". In my lifetime I've had no choice but to look after them - failing to do so meant the difference to whether I had electric or not but it was/is wise words to live by. Never overlook the small things because lots of little things can add up to something far bigger. 

That's the same for anything in life. It's the little things that wear people down so that eventually they end up dealing with a much bigger issue. It's also the little the things that can make a difference in a positive way also - I try to always be on the positive side of things these days. Smiling at someone whilst walking the dog and saying "good morning" or "good afternoon" could make a massive difference to that person's day, especially if you are the 3rd of 4th person to do so. Even if you are the only one you could go some way to restoring their faith in humanity, or making them feel they do exist. Thanking someone if they hold open a door for you, or let you through a gap when you're driving. These may seem like inconsequential things to most people (if they do then you are the very people in this world who can be labelled as "an arse") yet to the person you are holding the door for, or letting through the gap they could make a big difference to their day. Being polite, being kind, giving a friendly smile costs you nothing - it actually takes less muscles to smile as well (or so I've been told) so is in fact far easier for you to do than not. The world is a horrible place right now, people are becoming so much more self absorbed and ignorant of anything but themselves. Of course you have to put yourself first at times but don't do it at the expense of someone else. I often find it's the people who have the least in this world who are the kindest and most content. That doesn't mean they don't want more than they have - we all do at the end of the day (although all I really want is a home to call my own and the ability to have holidays once or twice a year. I'm a simple person really) it just means they accept that this is the hand they have been dealt in life. That doesn't mean they don't work or strive to improve their circumtances, they are not resting on their laurels, they just accept what they have, consider themselves lucky and live their lives with good intentions. It's weird really how most of the people I know who have nothing are so  much happier than those who have everything. The people I know who want for nohting - who could think about doing the roadtrip I so desperately want to do and be able to book it there and then - are quite possibly the most miserable and uncontent people I know whereas the ones like me who work hard and strive to achieve their dreams are always smiling (not forced smiles either, real genuine ones). Don't get me wrong, I have my days when things get me down (I miss my best friend more now than I did when she first died 5 years ago. I miss the man I was going to marry every single day (he's been gone 15 years next month) and not a day goes by when I wish I could bring my Dad back for one last chat, he's been dead 24 years next month). The difference for me though is I don't let those days drag on. I accept I'm having a bad day, I may even have a little cry, allow myself to miss them but I still get on with it. I'll still smile at other people because no matter how bad my day is there's could be 10 times worse and somewhere along the way I often find the more I smile at others the more the dark clouds move away from me and I begin to smile again on the inside. It's like that poem about smiling being infectious. The words to it are so very true. 

The point I was trying to make (before I went all around the houses) is that while to some of you reading this my 58 and 29 pennies may seem laughable and nothing for me to get excited about, to someone like me who believes in the little things those pennies make a huge difference and while 58 and 29 may not sound like a lot when you total them together you get 87p which sounds far greater. 

Life and everything associated with it really is all about the little things!