Monday, 20 March 2017

It's all about the "selfie" :)

I'm sure everyone that is reading this, has read my previous ramblings or is going to read one at some point in the future has taken a selfie - go on, it's nothing to be ashamed of, we are all friends here, you can admit to it :) I've taken my fair share of them - never on a selfie stick though - what are they all about? You can't see me laughing at I mention the selfie stick for someone has just this very day sent me one through the post as a gift. I have no idea who it is from as there is no return address and all of my friends know my thoughts about such things. I only hope they didn't waste too much money for I doubt it will ever come out of it's wrapping (I'm sure the kids would love me to pass it on to them.

I did this morning take a selfie - ish. I didn't set out to take one, didn't pose for one, didn't try to sort my hair out for one (which is a lot shorter than it was when I last wrote and entry and currently is is devoid of all visible grey hairs - yay!!. Not that they will stay away long  for I am sure they are already trying to creep their way through). No, the selfie I took this morning was actually a screen shot from one of the shop's security cameras - I was changing the window display at the time. When I was looking through them to see what needed deleting I suddenly realised my wide loaded arse was there for the world to see (hidden under my clothes, of course). I paused the video and took a snap shot of it - I've no clue why I did it really for it's not the kind of thing I would ever consider sharing yet share it I did. 😀 It must be down to the stern talking to my bestie gave me on Saturday night when he took me out and told me I need to stop being so hard on myself and be happy with who I am and how I look!! Who I am I'm more than happy with, how I look not so much but I'm working on it - if I can keep resisting the lure of food that is not good for  me I shall be laughing all the way to New Look (or wherever the skinny people shop these days!!).

I have told all my friends I don't want any photo's of me posted on any social media for a while because I am hoping to shift the weight and I'd like to not keep seeing shots of me as I am right now, but as this isn't a proper selfie or full on frontal (ooh err mrs) then I'm happy for it to be seen. Also the back view is a lot nicer than the front at this point in time. 😀 

Mind you I don't want to lose too much weight before I go away with him to Wales for I was joking the other day about the swimsuit I have bought to wear when we go and said I'd got one of the styles that ladies wore back at the turn of the 20th Century - the ones with long shorts, mop caps and long sleeved tops. I found a photo of such a thing and posted it to his facebook page telling him that he was now prepared. He laughed. What he doesn't know is that I am in fact making such an outfit to take with me 😀😀. It will work better if I am still fat though. A bit like the old seaside postcards you used to get with the fat ladies or the cutouts on piers that you put your own head through so while I desperately want to lose the weight I also want the outfit to work properly. Having said all that though by the time we go I'll probably have only lost 2 stone anyway and that won't make much of a difference to me where I have so much to lose to begin with. I will (of course) be sharing photo's 😀

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