I thought I'd cracked it

Not that I have finally raised enough to get away - not quite there yet - but I have spent the past 24 hours working on a photo page. I have taught myself code (as you'll already know if you read yesterday's entry). I've uploaded photo's, embedded the code into them, linked those through to my facebook page where the link takes you directly to the correct album. Believe me getting the links to work and the images aligned has been a right pain. Finally an hour ago it was sorted and all good to go. I opened it up on 3 different browsers (chrome, safari and mozilla). I waited as photo albums loaded, checked they linked back to the correct photo. I punched the air in happiness, then a voice in my head said "check on your phone". 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭. The photo's are there but their titles don't line up and the links don't work and as most people check things on their phones/tablets these days, those hours I have spent have gone to waste as I've had to delete the page 😭😭.😭😭.😭😭. There's no point in having it if it doesn't work. Of course, I can just list the links to the pages but that doesn't really inspire anyone to take a look, does it? 

Do not for one second think this means I am giving up. As I've said before I am not a quitter. I will just have to find another way to do what I want.

I did find a post from someone who had this lovely template you could edit - I spent another hour doing that. It didn't work. I will find a way if it's the last thing I do and however frustrated I may get :)

Below is a sneak preview of one of the photo's I was using as a link.

It is looking more and more as though I may have to set up a proper website and not just use google. I'm lucky with all I have been able to do with the blog for now so won't complain about it at all and if wasn't for the fact I want some photo albums it wouldn't be an issue. Do not think I will be wasting money though; oh no. The guy who works in the office at the back of my shop has some kind of hosting package he uses that allows him to run up to 100 different websites so he has said I can have space on there. The only downside is that it means he will have access to everything and while I am sure he would never go nosing through all my bits changing them, I quite like keeping my stuff separate. I have 2 different blogs I write - this one and the other me (although I've not written on there for ages) and I never open those up in the same browsers. Even though they are both me I keep them separate. I think I'd like to try and find another way before I take him up on his very kind offer.

On the plus side, I have learnt how to write and adapt some code and I've got photo albums on my facebook and google pages. They've not got any photo's in them yet, but I have albums :)