Fitness Bands

A few years back I heard about fitness bands and at the time I was trying to ensure I did my 10000 steps per day so invested in a Jawbone Up. What a waste of over £100 that way - I could have used that towards my trip!!! Just moving my index finger would register that I'd walked 30 steps and while that may be a good thing for some people (you know the kind who like to pretend to their friends they've walked mile upon mile) to me it made the thing useless (I am aware anything worn around your wrist is never going to give a true indication of steps taken). Last year I decided to try again; this time though I went for a garmin vivosmart - it had the best reviews. I also liked that it had a heart monitor. This turned out to be slightly better than the Up in that it will pick up my text messages for me so I don't need to take my phone out of my bag or pocket. It will also vibrate when I get a call meaning I can keep my phone on silent (something I do most days anyway and am always getting moaned at for not answering). When it came to steps it was running at roughly a 45% accuracy. Nowhere near as good as it should be, but better than the Up. Because I knew this I made allowances for how many steps I needed to take to ensure I did the full 10000 each day. It also has a stair count on it. That really is as much use as a chocolate fireguard for I climbed 7 flights in a block of flats one day and it never registered a single one of them!! Finally I got bored of it not showing what it should be showing and shoved it in a drawer where I found it again on Monday - minus the charger. Does anyone else have a charger thief? Like the sock monster in the washing machine I have a charger thief. Crazy when ALL of my chargers are kept in the same drawer. They are put back there after the item has been charged too yet whenever I want to find one it's normally vanished. No biggie as I was able to get another from Amazon to replace it which arrived today. Silly me. It's from Amazon. It was never going to work properly. All day it's been on charge and as yet hasn't even made it to one bar.

So now I have a dilemma. Do I wait to see if I can find the original charger to it, or do I have a look to see if I can get something better? After all anything over 3 months old these days is pretty much obsolete. If I do replace it do I go with another fitness band, or bite the bullet and get an apple watch? Don't go thinking I will because I know I won't. What I have I will find a way to charge and it works perfectly for what I want. I'm not going to spend money just for the sake of it. I did replace my android phone last year. It's a shame really as the phone itself was great - I preferred it to an iphone and the photo's it took were phenomenal but it kept sticking and was really playing me up so I went back to what I know (I do like apple products - I don't like the price and they are HIGHLY overpriced for what they are). I'd replaced my original iphone with a huawei ascend and had it not kept freezing would still be using it now. It was a cracking little phone. Easy to use and in 6 years time will probably still not be obsolete. My iphone is probably already out of date and that's what really pisses me off with Apple. I have an original iPad. It still holds charge (unusual for apple, I know). It still functions but it's been obsolete since about 6 months after I bought it. I ended up replacing it with a little hp google chromebook. Slightly bigger and not as easy to carry around but at least I know in years to come it will still work. Had the huawei not let me down I'd still be using it. I expect I will most likely go back to one this time next year - that's probably about as long as my current phone will last me. 

What an awful society we live in really. When did we become so wasteful? Things are made to last on the outside but technology changes so often they become obsolete on the inside. Then there's all the plastic packaging around food. What happened to buying our fruit and veg loose like we used too, popping it either directly into our bags (which weren't plastic) or into paper ones which are easily recycled. The amount of landfill sites around where I live is scary and I'm sure more than 50% of it isn't necessary. 

Time to climb down off of my high horse or I'll be here all day :)