Dilemma's and fitness

I have a wee bit of a dilemma and I'm not entirely sure what to do about it. 

You see, I have a charity box in the shop and very often I'll clear my purse out of loose change, popping it into the box. The last time (before today) it got emptied when the person who deals with it came back with how much was in it I was quite shocked at the low amount for I was sure I'd personally put more in than she said was in but not being certain I let it ride. With the next new box I stupidly forgot to make a note of how much I had put in there at the time but remember putting at least £8.50 in there on the very first day with a note to remind myself how much I personally put in over the time the box was in the shop. I forgot but the £8.50 figure has stuck in my mind and I know I put at least that in there - plus more as I've emptied out coins from my purse on several occasions. Last week the box was collected - this week she's been in with a receipt for how much was in there and according to her there was £6.40. My dilemma came when I wanted to pull her up on it there and then but as I had no proof couldn't so just thanked her for the receipt and sent her on her merry way. This time round I will video myself counting what I put in there, keep a note of what I've put in there along with video and see what she comes back with. I hate the thought that she would be scamming the people who run the charity but I definitely know there was more in there than she said there was. In fact I have some pound coins that need using up before they go out of circulation so I shall put those in there (I know I have 6 months until I need to stop using them but this way they're helping a charity out as well as helping me potentially catch someone stealing from a charity). What a truly horrible person to do such a thing if she has indeed done it; there is always the chance I have added up wrong!!!  Have just put £6 in it and videoed myself doing so. Will make a note each time I put any in there and if any customers ask me to pop their change in I shall make a note of it also. I'll keep any of the shop camera video's from when she enters the shop also as one covers the counter and charity box at all times. 

Now, let's talk about me :) My favourite subject :)  As you all know I've been trying to lose weight (have been since I was a teenage). I've tried all sorts over the years. Shake drinks, Weight Watchers, Calorie Counting, Atkins, and most recently, Slimming World. With all of them I've started well, promised myself I would stick to it then got myself off track. My most successful times were calorie counting and slimming world. I still think SW is great and for most people is a fab way to lose weight but I think I personally need something that is more rigid, strict and make's me work for treats which is why I have gone back to My Fitness Pal and will be counting calories. I think it works for me best because nothing is restricted and I don't have to feel I'm being bad by eating something I consider a treat. The way I see it if I'm counting calories and I want a treat of some kind I can either include it in my daily amount or I can work out for it - this is what I like best. I need to exercise so it works in a '2 way' good thing. I get to exercise, not just because I have to but because it means I can treat/reward myself at the end of it. I reckon it's a win/win situation. It also means I don't have to forego any alcohol (or that bar of caramac) I might fancy, I just have to earn it if it takes me over the days total calories. That seems to work better for me. I know I can have it on SW if I include it in my syns and that works too, but sometimes I want more than just one or 2 glasses. Having to syn milk if I have cereals for breakfast and cup of tea or coffee later in the day can soon mount up over the course of a week which often means I have none left for the weekend if I wanted a glass or 2 of wine so I have to either go over or go without at which point the whole thing is a waste of time; depriving myself is also the quickest way for me to give up on something. You can't earn any more on SW but if I calorie count I can earn as many or as little as I need by working out and exercising for them. I have nothing to lose by trying - oh wait, I have everything to lose by trying, that's the whole point. I've already covered my 5000 steps today :) Now, if I chose I could use those earned calories for a treat or I can leave them as they are which will aid my weight loss. All round bonus. I'll also feel I've achieved something if I'm making myself work for a treat. I also find that SW is very heavy on the carbs which I'm never 100% happy about; this way I get to control my carb intake a bit more. I can also go back to full-fat on everything which means things will begin to taste much better again :)  I won't get too carried away though for I have been down this route many times before, each time more determined than the previous but I do know if I don't do something sooner rather than later then I will end up putting myself into an early grave and that is the last thing I want - I have a trip to prepare for :)

I think I might just end up wearing the dog out with all the walking I plan on doing now though :)