Best one yet :)

It would appear people out there is cyber space like a good haunting tale for yesterday's post was my best yet. If you've not read it you can find it here :) I did share it via my other blog so maybe that has something to do with it as I regularly get quite a few reads on there. I don't like combining the 2, partly because I want to keep the 2 Me's separate but also because I don't want certain friends/family members to feel pressured into helping me. If they judge me (which I know several will do) that is there issue to deal with.  I gave up a while ago worrying what people think about me. I wouldn't have set up my road-trip pages if I was worried about being judged by my peers. So far 2 kind people have come across me and donated so I can't be all bad :) 

I'm not going to ramble on to you about how great I am though - I'm not quite that arrogant or lairy (YET) nor am I here to ramble on about my fundraising page (I know, that's what this is really all about). Sometimes you can have something rammed down your throats too much. When that happens there is more chance of not getting what you want than there is of getting it. I know personally that the more people told me to give up smoking, the more determined I was to keep going (I quite five and a half years ago now - best thing I ever did for myself). All the time people hassled me about being fat (they were/are correct) the more I thought to myself "arseholes to you, I'll lose weight when I'm ready". Of course not everyone is like me and think that ways but in my experiences and interactions with other people over my lifetime I've found that I'm not the only person who thinks in such a way. I guess that's what they call 'reverse psychology' 

How's the weight loss going? Why, thanks for asking :)  I lost 8.5lbs last week. Now, that's way more than I plan on losing in one go (the quicker you lose the quicker you put back on) but I'm not going to refuse it. I have a lot to lose so I'm not going to refuse a good start. That's 14.5lbs in 2 weeks. Over a stone in just 14 days. While I think it may be quick I'm certainly not going to refuse it and if I can do it again for the next few weeks I'll be a happy bunny. I think it will help me keep going as well. Not that I think that will be an issue as I considered going to KFC on Saturday after the crazy day I'd had. The old me would have just said "Sod it" and gone out for it. This me though? She said "don't you dare". I'm glad I listened to her :) I might have only lost 4lb had I let myself do it. 

Oops; so much for not talking about myself, eh? As if that was never going to happen anyway. After all, this is all about me :)