1000 steps

every single hour; that's what I did yesterday. Every hour on the hour from 10:00 to 17:00 I stopped what I was doing and made myself take 1000 steps (I actually did 1050 for I set myself up a route in the shop and walked it back and forth 70 times - you have no idea how boring it was!!). Still, for all the boredom and wearing out of the floor covering (it won't last long if I keep this up every day) I got in 8000 steps. The daily target for people these days is 10000. Making up the extra 2000 was easy when I took the dog for a walk; plus all the steps I did in between weren't counted in my 1000 which are general back and forth in my day to day life, plus the dog walk and up and down the stairs so many times means I got in 14578 steps yesterday. Woop woop; go me. Obviously I won't be able to do that many every day (it was quiet in the shop) but once I shift another 24lbs I will be able to use my treadmill again (I'm too heavy for it right now). While it will only allow me to use it in half hour stints and while it may be the most boring thing I have ever used (or done) in my life, it will help me get roughly 2250 in each time it's used. Walking to and from work and taking the dog out will get me another 6 or 7000 so I'll only have a few hundred to make up in the shop during the day which can be done in general. Of course, if it's quiet and I can get a thousand in here and there I shall do so for the more I do the more calories I can earn the more I can eat (and maybe have some grated cheese on my chilli) or I can not eat them and therefore burn off a few more ounces adding to a bigger weight loss as the end of the week. I WILL do this :)

I also cycled, although not on a bike out on the roads - only silly people do that with the idiots who drive cars these days. It wasn't a proper exercise bike (as such) either for the saddles on those are most uncomfortable. No, it was one of those little sets of pedals that are like a bike, work in the same way as a bike yet you can sit in your own chair while using it - that's my kind of exercise. I managed just under an hour - which someone fat and unfit like me is a great achievement. I also worked out if I put it onto the table in front of me I could put my hands through the pedal bits and work out my arms and back muscles at the same time - that is a lot more tiring than you would imagine it to be I can tell you but if it means I can tone the bingo wings then I'm all for it :) I might actually get myself one for the shop so I can pedal away while doing paper work. I reckon I could burn up a fair few calories each day doing so. It would also save the flooring for I am sure I'm already making a dent in it where walk back and forth so often :) I have worked out that walking from the front to the back of the shop each day (and vise versa) 140 times is equal to a mile. Intensely boring to do but it's better than sitting in a chair doing nothing.

Just had a customer on the phone complaining about some flowers she had on Sunday. For 17 minutes she ranted on and on and on at me until eventually I spoke over her and said "Please would you let me speak?" at which point I asked WHY she had put flower food in the water when our care cards specifically state NOT to use it. I also explained that it sounded as though her flowers had an air lock and that had she bothered to read and follow the care instructions she could have avoided the problem she has. Sticking them in a window which gets full sun will also have not helped. Honestly some people really PISS me off. I have no problem if the issue is genuine but when someone's not bothered to even attempt to look after their flowers why should I then lose money replacing them? That's one of the biggest things I hate about the job that I do. To not even let me speak (she shouted over me every single time I tried to say something) is just plain rude and I really don't tolerate rudeness.

Ok; rant over. Time to go for a walk :)