The good.. the bad

and as yet, not the ugly :) 

Let's get the bad bit out of the way first. I awoke at 4.15 this morning after what had been a pretty awful dream. Before I tell you about it I need to explain to you the layout of my little shop. It's set back from the road, with a 10ft deep forecourt out the front, the pavement (sidewalk) beyond that then a fairly busy road (several other roads connect into it and we have 3 schools and many businesses further up the top of the road, along with a caravan park and hundreds of horse paddocks). It sees a lot of traffic. The interior of the shop is 18ft wide and 40ft deep. When we moved in it had been used as an accountants so there is a long passageway which runs from the front to the back with 4 sections running off it. The first section was an open reception area - I now use that as the shop display. The 2 sections were offices, the remaining section has the kitchen and bathroom. We never took down any of the walls but we do have an open partition between the shop area and workroom. There are windows the full length of the passageway and around the 3rd section which has been left as an office (I share this with a local computer IT help company). When I'm working in the office I can see through to the road outside. 

In my dream I was sitting in the office (probably writing one of my blog entries although I can't remember what was on the screen) when I looked up after hearing a noise by the entrance door. Stood there I could see a really tall guy (he was about 6'3") dressed all in black (head to toe) including a balaclava. In his hand (raised above his head) was a baseball bat. Stood to the right of him at the smaller height of 5'4", dressed exactly the same, also holding a baseball bat. Both of them looked ready to swing at any moment. I made the decision to get up, open the till and tell them to take what they wanted which wouldn't have been a lot. This week I have taken only £2 in cash. People these days pay with card and that's just how I prefer it. However, in the dream there was a whole £20 in the till, so I was going to tell them to take it. I'm no hero when it comes to something like that. I don't bring a bag to work with me so have no money of my own. The only thing I have (or in the building) that they could make any money from would be the computer I use which they'd most likely get £10 for if they were lucky. Anyway as it turns out they didn't want any money, or at least I don't they did because they came in and just started swinging their bits about smashing everything up 😨  I've no idea what happened next as I woke up but it really wasn't very nice at all. 

Thankfully the day itself was much better than the night turned out to be. I laid a couple of my own ghosts to rest, which can never be a bad thing and I had a tarot reading. Now, you may not believe in them - at times myself I have doubted and questioned things - but those cards were so accurate yesterday it was almost scary. What with the experience the other week with the kids Mum; I am seriously starting to believe again. I've always believed in some things (or I'd not have set up my fundraising pages - you didn't seriously think I wasn't going to mention them, did you?? :) ) but there were some things I'd stopped believing in. Might be time for a re-think. In a good way :) 

I was about to post this when a customer came in and has just been telling me how her 2 year old this morning has been chatting with her Grandad and told her Mum off for being rude by not talking to him. He died 3 weeks ago!!