Internet code

Oh my goodness. Yesterday I came up with the idea of putting some photo albums onto my pages. At one time there was an app that could be added but google have since changed their set-ups and it no longer exists - apparently it could only be used on the sidebar anyway so wouldn't have been any good for what I want anyway so this got me on a bit of mission. 

One option was to use one of these website design packages which would mean copying everything I have on here and would mean changing a lot of bits - that wouldn't have been a problem really as a it would give me a proper website that I could add the blog too rather than having a blog I add bits too but none of these are free and I can't afford to waste money paying for a site, especially as I don't know enough to know what price package I would need. The average price is £120 per year which in the grand scheme of things wouldn't be an issue if I was using it for a business but as it's for personal use and I don't have any money I can't really warrant spending that amount (I am aware I'm currently hoping to raise the funds through it as well but once the money is raised I will be keeping it going) .

It seemed everywhere I turned I was hitting an expensive wall until I got on a google mission to see if there was a way to embed a code into a photo that would lead through to an external photo album rather than having one sitting on the page (which I cannot do with this blog). Thankfully this blog does allow you to write in html if you so wish so I worked out how to find the code to the photo's then found a great page which explained what needed to be deleted and replaced and away I went. I am now in the process of a photo page. It's not going to be flashy and clicking on it will take you through to my google photo's but it will do what I need it to do. Sometimes basis is better. The only issue I've had with it is getting them to open in a new window. When I did it at work I could get them to open properly. When I tried at home last night they refused. I read somewhere it's a google thing. Ooh. Maybe if I link through to a facebook album and not a google one it might work!! Hmm. Guess who's going to be playing with that tonight? :) 

I'm trying so hard to get all these pages as interactive as I can. I'm getting loads of visitors each day but I'm not sure if they are just passing through or whether they stop to take a look around. The more I can do to keep people here the better I think it will be. 

I'm so glad there are people out there who are willing to share how to do these things and in simple terms - there were some that were writing it as though I knew how to already write code and I literally didn't have a clue what they were on about, but the simple writers write as though they are talking directly to me :) Without them I'd probably have to leave it out or pay for a site I don't really need.