In the words of Han Solo

"Never tell me the odds".

Apparently only around 3% of all travel funding and fund raising pages manage to reach the goals they set themselves. 3% of the many thousands out there - how true this is I don't really know but it sounds plausible when think of how many people in the world right now have pages set up for such things. I'm not sure I was told this so that I don't end up disappointed (I know that won't happen) or because the person chatting to me about it thinks I should give up. As I've said before, I will NEVER give up, it's just not in my nature to do so. Besides, I WILL be one of that 3% figure so it's not even really an issue.

I did have a nose around the internet earlier to see if there are any other crowdfunding sites worth registering on and found a great one, but unless I'm raising for someone who is dying (I really hope I never have to do that) or for the money to pay for a coach to take protesters to London (I know, right, for that I could set up a page) but for personal travel there wasn't the option unless of course I was doing it for a political reason, environmental or charity work. I get that a lot of these things are purely for charities - although it does annoy me that charities are not helped more by the government - but surely if they are allowing people to raise money for the fare to get themselves to the capital for a protest, then I could have a profile for raising funds to get me to the states where I won't do anything other than take photographs? What a strange world we live in.

Currently I will stick to the 2 I have running but still keep looking for others; more options means better chances. One is live right now and can be found on their site without having to follow a link although if you want to have a nose you can click HERE; that will save you having to mooch through loads of other stuff. The original one I set up is yet to go live as I still need to raise £100 through it before they will make it live. If you'd like to get me to the £100 then please click HERE. It would mean so much to me. I like the one which is live as they often retweet me to their followers, which can never be a bad thing. If you have twitter and want to retweet me to yours you'll find me here :) "The more the merrier" or so they say :) I also have instagram. I occasionally share a half decent photo on there. 

Maybe I am being deluded (as if) but I would rather be deluded and trying than sitting back wondering "what if?". Life is too short for "What if". Life is too short for regrets and as my younger brother said to me many years ago "Regret what you have done with your life; not what you haven't". He was 17 at the time. Those are some pretty wise words.