I have pinterest

Not sure what good it's going to do me or how it's going to help, but I have it anyway. I like photo's so in that sense it's a good thing to have. :) It's another of those wonderful social media outlets which can help get me (my fundraising page) noticed. Mind you, in my every day job it can be one of the biggest pains. Every single bridal consultation these days ends up with the bride opening up her pinterest page which are filled with so many ideas both the bride and myself end up totally confused. It was definitely a lot easier when they would come in with a set idea about what they did/didn't want so I could then show them ideas from my own books. A consult could be over and done with in 30 minutes; this included churches, receptions and all the bridal party flowers. These days I have to allow 1.5 hours and most times that's just sorting out the main bridal flowers. That's not to say all brides are the same. I have seen a bride this morning who came in with a list of exactly what flowers and style she wants with a photo attached so there is no confusion. Sadly she is getting married the wrong time of year to have the peonies she wanted (they are still very much a seasonal flower). I was able to offer her a great alternative though which she was happy with. In fact she was that happy rather than just leave a deposit as most brides will do to guarantee I am available for their day, the balance being paid closer to the wedding date, this bride paid in full.

Yesterday was the first day in a while that I've not posted. Part of the reason was that I needed to get a few more squares made for the blanket I am crocheting for someone. I also have a poorly dog at the moment; I was ready to rush her off to the emergency vets but she did improve during the day. This morning she is almost back to normal so I'm going to wait and see how she goes later then decide whether to rush her down this evening or not. It's so difficult to know what to do. Of course how much it costs is an issue to someone like me who has no money, but at the end of the day she is my dog and I'd sell my soul if I had to, to make sure she is fit and healthy. I think she just had an off day (we all get them) and she would have been due in season now (had she not been done) and while I know they don't have a season as such after being done they can still have all the symptoms. That's what I'm hoping it is, but as I said I shall see how she gets on later today then make a decision over whether I need to take her or not. I also made a start on the little guide booklets I want to do for the kids to take along when we go so that took up most of the day. There's a lot more to research than I thought :o)

There is still the smallest possibility it may just end up being me and the kids because the travel buddy I originally planned to do this with owes me some money (I paid the deposit on a holiday cottage he wanted to book as he didn't have any at that point and I had a little left in my overdraft). He was meant to pay me back on the 31st January. I saw him last Wednesday - the day after he was meant to pay me - and he asked for my bank details to transfer it over to me. I am still waiting. While I don't think he would deliberately stitch me up I do think he's taking the piss. He knows I've not been paid for a few months and as I already only earn a quarter of what he does you would think he would pay me as soon as. He certainly won't get any more favours from me, that's for sure. It's quite scary that a man of his age is still so childlike at organising his money. I can fully understand why his girlfriends have all broken up with him citing his immaturity as one of the main reasons. He's one of these men that wants everything done his way (he will sulk if he doesn't get his way) yet he is not willing to organise anything. He wants to go to this cottage I've paid for him for, but he never organised it. He asked me to do it for him and like a fool I did. I know his sister has sat down with him to sort out his finances, even going as far as to get the bailiffs off his back for him yet he has done nothing since to sort himself out. I gave him a load of info on what he needed to do and who he needed to contact in relation to another issue - he's done none of it. As an amateur photographer he is phenomenal and he was talking about trying to sell him pics. I set him up with his own website, got him a great domain, attached a twitter, facebook and instagram page to it so he could keep it all separate to his personal bits and pieces. He never bothered to use any of them. I gave up about 40 hours of my own time getting it all sorted for him, working out how he could add a forum and members only pages to his site. I organised payment options for him, set him up a bank account that would only have been for it; basically I set him up in business. He's never thanked me or done a thing about any of it, yet he constantly whinges about having nothing. He could be making a small fortune with is photography - he is that good, and believe me I do not give praise easily. If he stitches up my other friend (and business partner) over a laptop he's just sorted for him that's he's not yet paid him for I really will be traveling without him. If that happens I shall keep you all updated for it will mean I won't need to raise quite so much as we could get away with just one room. However, knowing what I'm like I'll let him come along - he does love to drive which means I can sit back and enjoy the ride and not have to worry about how many margarita's I may have drunk the previous evening :)

Just in case you've not seen it yet, you can access my fundraising page by clicking here :) All donations, no matter how small, will be more than welcomed :)