Day of rest

I'm sure I heard somewhere (or maybe read somewhere) that Sunday is considered a "day of rest". Hmm. Not in my world it's not. I was up at 6 yesterday morning and finally got chance to sit down at 7pm before having get on and do other stuff. The joys of being your own boss - work just never ends. It's a good job I love what I do, and I really do love it. 

I did get to play with "man toys" yesterday afternoon - although they are owned by my little old Mum so should really be "little old Mumsy toys" :)  The last of my fish died the previous week - apparently I had them longer than all the experts say they should live so I'm impressed at what a good "fish Mummy" I must have been :) Anyway, as a result I have decided not to have any for a while so needed to clear their tank out (it's in the garage being stored with the others - that's a story for another day.  Moving the tank out of my room suddenly made the small space I live in feel huge and I discovered that rather than having all my bits and pieces (photo's in frames, Mr Potato heads (I have the Star Wars ones) and other lovely gifts people have bought me over the years) pushed together and wedged on one shelf, I could in fact put another 3 up meaning those bits could be displayed better, so I got up in the loft, found some my brother left behind that I am assuming he doesn't want any more, and got to work drilling holes and putting them up. A grand job I did too, even if I do have to say so myself. It also means I am finally able to have a bedside light (have had a lovely blue glass tube shaped one for years but because I didn't have room for it, it sat filled with stuff in a cupboard) and some fab coloured ball lights someone bought me a couple of years ago. I almost felt like a grown up last night when I went to bed - not quite though!! :) 

Ooh; week one in on the slimming world regime and I lost 6lb :) I know a lot of people lose a lot more than that in their first week but I'm really chuffed with that. Plus losing too much too quickly might mean I get more excess skin than I'm going to get anyway. I've set myself a target of 2lb per week. Some weeks it may be a lot more, some weeks it may be a lot less, some weeks I am sure I will even put on. I've tried this so many times before I know what pitfalls to look out for. This time though is slightly different. Whereas before I may have had something I wanted to slim for so that I look good (wedding, holiday where there was a beach or pool - not that I've done such a thing since I was 20) or a family get together, this time I have a real aim to work towards. I am currently too heavy to be allowed to ride a horse and while I only need to lose a small amount to be able too, I want to lose enough to know that poor little horse is not going to have to huff and puff to cart me around so I want to get back to below 140lbs. I can do that easily if I just make myself stick to it. As I really want to ride on the trip I have no choice but to stick to it. It's another goal that I can and will achieve :) 

I did a good deed for today earlier too. I rescued a little fat frog :) My driver pointed him out to me and I could see him getting closer to the road with each hop. I couldn't allow him to be squished so I popped some gloves on (surgical style ones) he hopped into my hands so I carefully shielded him so that he couldn't jump out and hurt himself, then popped him into my neighbours garden as they have a big pond so if he wants he can live a happy life over there :)