Could it be an omen?

During my life I've often believed that a coincidence is more than it seems, then I've thought about how crazy that sounds so told myself it is just "one of those things" that has no rhyme or reason to it. Then someone will talk to me about fate, or something that has happened to them that is so far 'out-of-the-blue' that I then begin to wonder if some things are meant to be, again, and so the cycle continues. Today, I am once again thinking about how there must be more to this thing we call life than I know (or understand).

You see I had a random email this morning. We all get them and in this day and age of the internet with cookies and stuff every time we visit a web page our browsers remember and some little google bot somewhere then bombards us with adverts when we are on other pages that are relevant to us or from sites that would have been of use when we were looking. It's companies ways of trying to get us to part with our hard-earned wages. I think for the most part people ignore these adverts - although judging by the pennies I earned last month having them on my blogs for people to click onto then maybe I am wrong.. haha.. I literally did earn just 4p from it so believe I am correct). Anyway, I'm digressing. Those ads appear on pages we're looking at which carry adverts, so imagine my surprise when I received an email today that was an advert for Icelandair and their flights to Denver!! Not random if you think about it for I use expedia to search prices to Denver so anything which is relative to that is to be expected, except I never use the email address that it was sent to for anything. It is purely for me to keep a back-up of emails I want to keep so the only person who has the address, is me. So, is this just a random coincidence, or is there something more to it? I'm going to answer that myself. I believe it is a sign, a good omen if you like. I think it means I am going to raise the funds I need to fly me, my friend and the kids out to Denver, where we will embark on an amazing trip, before flying back home again :) Sadly Icelandair weren't any cheaper than BA (who I currently plan to fly with) but it's definitely given me a boost. I wasn't doubting that it will happen (I've never doubted it will happen), it's just nice to know the universe is out there listening and showing me a little proof that my thoughts, questions and requests are being heard :) I like things like that happening; they through my little mind into a spin and send it off on a tangent about all things life related, and that can never be a bad thing. I am constantly in awe at it all, and love how now and then the little things happen which let us know we're not alone. I'm now even believing that we may make it out there before the end of this year; how wonderful would that be? I best stop writing a blog every day and get the kids guidebooks ready for printing :) I'm up to Day 8 on their quizzes :) 

Another odd coincidence in it all is that a friend asked me last night why I am still bothering. In fact his words were "you're wasting your time, nobody is going to donate so why don't you just stop making yourself look like such a fool?" Is it really that foolish to believe? If I gave up now I would be giving up on a dream and without dreams or things to strive for, what is the point of it all? I will never give up for I know I will make it there and that it will be with the help of some pretty amazing and wonderful people :) 

On another note I set up a Reddit account today. Any of you ever used it? If so can you explain to me how it works? I got totally confuddled. Somehow I also managed to set up and Imgur account as well - whatever that is!! All I do know is that there doesn't appear to be any way on either to get my own profile out there - it all seems to be very secretive, so I'm not sure it's going to be any good for what I want, but I'll have a nose around and see what I can find :)