Everywhere I turn today I am hearing such sad stories about young people losing their lives. A 34 year old mother of 4 who died in court yesterday afternoon - not sure why she was there but it was a family court so assume it was to do with custody of her children. She collapsed as the verdict was read (no, I don't know what way the verdict went, nor do I want to know for it is irrelevant when someone so young has passed on). Then there is the 25 year who lives less than 100 yards away from the shop. She just dropped down dead in her kitchen last weekend (she has no history of illness). I've served 2 families today with funeral flowers - both the young people who died were under 20. A 22 year old was killed last night on a main road near my home. So many young people so near to me. Average those out over the whole of the UK and that leaves a lot of grieving families today - there will be more today, tomorrow and for all the days this earth has left to circulate the sun. 

Every day I switch on the news to see children dying on foreign shores; some through starvation, others in wars that they are not even old enough to understand. A fried of mine works in a childrens hospital. Daily she has to tell at least one set of parents to prepare themselves for their child not making it to the next day. So many lives cut short, so much potential never to be reached, experiences never to be had, life never to be lived. During each of my working weeks I get to speak with families who have lost loved ones. Sometimes an older person but more-often-than-not these days, younger people. Those who still believed they had their whole life ahead of them. Many of you will not agree with my setting up the fundraising page for myself to go off on an adventure and that's fine. You are more than entitled to your opinion. Sometimes I'm really not sure I agree, then I remember that there are people out there, kind people, those who believe in paying-it-forward who have the funds to do the things they want to do with their lives and who then want to share around some of their luck with other's, with people who will appreciate it more than they could ever know. I know if I had the money to help others I'd do so without a second thought - obviously I would want to make sure someone was genuine before I handed over any cash (I've been caught out by fraudsters one-too-many times in my life, hence why I have to do this in the first place). That's the reason for setting up the blog, instagram and twitter. I want you to know that I am a genuine person, to get to know me, to understand how hard it has been for me to do this along with my reasons why. Any questions people ask me have and always will be answered honestly. 

Those of you who follow my twaddle will know I understand about the grim reaper taking people at a young age (Dad, boyfriend, best friend). It's because of those people I set up the funding pages. They taught me life is too short to waste, to precious to let it go by without ever trying. This is not a dress rehearsal, it's the real thing. We have to live it as best as we can because we will not get another shot (of course that is dependant on your beliefs but you definitely won't get another shot with you current body and situation). Each day I am reminded how my time on this planet could end at any second, without warning. I refuse to allow myself to let pride stop me from achieving that which I wish to achieve. I will not sit on my cloud looking down on my life saying "I wish I'd made the effort to raise the funds for the trip". If I was to pass on before I travel at least I could sit and say "Well, I gave it my best shot; I could do no more" (which of course I won't because I will be travelling by the end of April 2018 - I am that confident about things - my first lovely donor last week proved to me that there are people out there willing to assist someone like me; she restored my faith in humanity, she gave me hope to keep on believing.). 

Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of us; heck the next second is not guaranteed. As long as you don't hurt someone else get out there, do what makes you happy, live each moment and if you're lucky enough to be able to help someone else then how about you give it a try? Random acts of kindness may not get you recognition, nor should you seek it, but it will give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. I don't think there is any nicer feeling than showing kindness or being able to help out a fellow human being. I know in the past I've got a buzz from doing so (that's right; I've not always been on the receiving end, in fact for any decades of my life I was a free giver and would be again if circumstances were different).