I've added some rewards to the fundraising page :) 

When I first decided to start this is all off - very apprehensively I will add, as those of you who are following me and read my waffle will already know - one of the things I wanted was my own domain to host this blog; I wanted to keep it separate from my personal every day one (although I do share all these entries onto it also - it can't help to share it about as far and wide as possible :)  Originally I wanted a .com address but the one I wanted was already taken and after much searching and looking at the hints/suggestions being offered I ended up with - which kind of makes sense anyway seeing how I am in the UK :) I was going to use the same address for everything (I should have known someone would have beaten me to it) but having just looked them up I'm glad they did for it's not a site to raise money, but to tell you what you need to do to get more people interested. One of their things is to offer rewards to donator's - they don't have to accept and can just hand over their money :) Of course, the biggest thing to me was "What do I offer?". It does seem only fair that when someone parts with their money they get something in return - other than seeing how much fun I am having, which to some people would be more than enough, but at the same time I can't afford to go spending/wasting the money they have been kind enough to donate on rewards so I tried to think about it from a logical point and I came up with some ideas that won't break the bank :) I can't take credit for them all though as I did get a couple of ideas from the other website. 

Postcard; yep, that's right. If someone donates £25 I will send them a personal photograph postcard from one of the destinations we are visiting - which if they are overseas will not be as cheap as it sounds to post. 

Their own photo; odd as this sounds I do know of people who have done such a thing for someone else who can't travel so for a £30 donation I will take along a photo the donor sends to me, photograph it in the destination of their choice on our route and email them the photo I've taken for them. 

Key-ring or Fridge Magnet; for a £50 donation I'll purchase and post direct either a key-ring or fridge magnet from the donors choice of destination on the route.

Copyright free photo; for any donation over £1000 I'll allow the donor to pick out 10 photo's from the selection both myself and my travel partner (who is an amazing photographer) take and they will be allowed these copyright free to do exactly as they wish with. 

Ok, so they're not brand new cars, sexual favours (something one thing I read suggested) or anything monumental but they are personal and that to me would mean so much more. I know if I was to donate to someone (I have done on many occasions for various things) the one thing that means more than anything is the personal touch. Many have taken my money and I've never heard from them again but some have made the effort with a personal thank you - via email and other electronic means - and I've been able to follow their progress throughout; it's those little touches that have meant so much. It's always the little things that make such a big difference.

I've also set up a Valentines Day Road Trip event on Facebook. I don't like Valentines as a rule, think wasting money on roses, chocolates and other such things on the same day as everyone is doing it takes away the magic of the whole romance theme so as an alternative all those who would have sent me a card, bought me chocolate  or wanted to take me out for dinner can instead join the event and spend the money on my road trip instead :) Feel free to share it far and wide - I've heard of things going viral but never believed I could have something which would.... until now :)