I try not to get offended by things - with some of the friends I currently have and have had in the past I'd be pretty uptight if I did with the amount of trolls who have come out from under their bridges since I set up my funding campaign, facebook page, twitter, tumblr and blog- but every now and then if the moon is in the right position, the planets align in a certain way, or I'm just having 'one-of-those-days' I find myself slightly miffed at a passing comment someone may make. Today is that 'day' although I think it's been brewing for several days.

The 'friend' I planned to take with me - I told you all about him the other day - changed his facebook profile photo yesterday. Now, we have this thing where we are brutally honest with each other and so I commented it "it's not one of your best and you remind me slightly of a cross between Bill Oddy and Phil Mitchell". Now, he must have been having one of those days himself for he spat back at me "from the woman who looks like Princess Fiona before she kisses Shrek, in her profile pic". Several of his other friends messaged me privately to ask what I had done for him to be so snarky with me - other than pay the deposit for him to go on holiday for a week I've not seen or spoken to him to upset him. Ok, so maybe I wasn't that complimentary with my choice of comment but some of the ones his other friends made we bloody awful so it is quite obvious mine was the only one he took offence to. In return I am genuinely disappointed (I'm not upset or really offended in that way) at his response. Ahh well; I'll get over it soon enough and he needs me more than I need him so I've no doubt he'll come knocking on my door whence next he is after something. 

Going back to facebook - I'm done with being offended - someone suggested I set up a 'fan page' rather than just have a page where people can add me as a friend. I'm not really convinced on the idea but all avenues will be explored if it gets me the result I want in the end. I want this to work so I'll give anything a go - as long as it's legal and not dubious or gratuitous in any way. I do draw the line at some things - if I didn't I'd be out there a couple of times a year, every year for there is money to be made if you want to go down certain pathways. I'll stick to the well-lit ones though. No amount of money is worth what some people are willing to do. 

Goodness I had to stop and put another layer on it's that cold in the office at the shop. I now have 3 jumpers (one of which is a polar neck) a cardigan, 2 pairs of gloves (making it really difficult to do anything) a scarf, 2 pairs of socks and a woolly hat and I'm still cold. Yet it's beautiful outside and when I shot off to do a delivery just now (did you miss me?) I did so in just my t-shirt and cardi as it's really warm ( 9'c ) out there. I know only the front of the shop gets any sunlight and then only just before it sets at this time of year but even so you'd think it would be a little bit warmer especially as there are 3 computers running - they chuck out quite a bit of heat at times. Not that I am complaining; I LOVE this time of year. Every day could be like this - sunshine, clear blue skies and a hard frost on the ground that has yet to clear. It's the perfect weather for getting out and about with the dog for long strolls through the woods, or for exploring American National Parks like the Badlands or Yellowstone - you knew I'd get a plug in somewhere along the lines for my trip :) It's just not the right kind of day to be sitting in an office that's colder than a fridge with no heating.