It would appear I may have been wrong

I know, to some of you thinking about me being wrong is quite shocking, to others, not so :) 

How am I wrong? When it comes to the weather, of course. I thought the weather people (as usual) had got it wrong yet it appears they may well have been correct - we quite possibly will be getting some snow. Not on Friday as they originally said, but as soon as tomorrow (which is only Thursday so the day before they said, but still, regardless of a few hours they may be right. It really pains me to say that too! Although, as it's not happened yet I won't give them too much praise. I did see up north are taking quite a battering though from strong winds; that's never a nice thing, wasn't forecast and I hope it doesn't result in too much destruction for people north of the border. Where a friend of mine lives they recorded a wind speed of 137 mph today. That's hurricane force. Ok, so it's way up high in the mountains but even so. That kind of weather is not good for anyone. I do find myself sitting at my desk in a jumper with high neck, 3 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, my woolly hat, 2 other jumpers and a thick cardi - and I love the cold but even I'm struggling with it at work this week. 

I found another outlet with which to do my begging - let's be honest my being on here and having all these different social outlets is purely to get people to part with their money (and to bore them to sleep, also :) ). Anyway, I suddenly remembered about tumblr. I'm not sure anyone actually uses it any more - same as myspace is that still going? Will look into that once I've finished waffling on here, but tumblr is going so I've set an account up on there and will be sharing my instagram posts to it and all  my blog entries also. The more people who come across me the better chance I have of raising the funds I need :) 

You all know I wouldn't use the money which gets raised for anything other than the reason I've set everything up but even if I was the kind of person who would do such a thing (let's face it there are people out there who will be asking for help when they don't need it) but even if I was that type of person I couldn't anyway for I find myself once again unable to access my account. Bloody cahoot - or Santander as they are now. They changed the set up and log in bits and pieces a while back. I did what I was meant to do, logged on fine for 3 months then suddenly were unable to get on it. Many, many phone calls later they agreed to send me what I needed to sort it all out and set it up again. I had many letters telling me how to do it, did what they all said and it worked fine. Then suddenly it stopped working again and since then I've not been able to get back on. I did consider phoning them again to reset it all, and will at some point have to do so (I may transfer it from that account to another which doesn't keep logging me out) but until such time as I have to do so I shall keep it so I can't access it. Not that I would be tempted anyway. Hmmm, Why don't I just phone them then and get it sorted?

I think I may just do that :)