Happy New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas a great New Year and that 2017 brings you all you could wish for. 

My Christmas was quiet once I broke from work - leading up to Christmas was manic. I was alone this year for the first time in my 30 year career and I thought it would be really hard going but I got myself so organised and prepared I sailed through (which is most definitely a huge bonus) especially as I'd booked to give a demonstration with a local Women's Institute group. What a lovely group they were too - the nicest I've ever demonstrated too. They always make a payment for whoever gives a talk (or demonstrates) and as I always do I asked them to donate my payment to the local cancer hospice. It was only £30, $36 if you're reading this Stateside - don't think you can't donate if you are overseas; you really can and just think if you're stateside and you're on the planned route we could even pass each other as I travel. You may be the person I chat to in the queue while waiting to buy a coffee. It is a small world after all and anything is possible. 

I don't know about you but I don't make resolutions. For a few years I tried to set myself challenges as I thoguth I was more likely to acheive those than keep up a resolutlion, but I never found the time for half of them so now I make a list of things I'd like to get done in a year and if I don't manage to do it all I roll over whatever is left on the list to the next year. These aren't silly, unrealistic things either. I'd like to read 18 books in a year (1.5 per month average) watch a new movie every month, learn a new language, finish my cross-stitch (I started that in April 2010 and it's still only just over halfway completed - part of me worries now that when I do finish it somethig bad might happen.. haha). These may seem like silly little things which are easy to fit in but when you work the hours I do and live with an older parent, finding any time to sit and complete these things is not as easy as it sounds. I have just had 8 days off and today was the first day I managed to get 2 hours to myself, and even then I was sorting out and re-arranging a craft room we share. Of course, on the list of things I'd like to achieve, raising the funds needed is right at the top. That's the one I want to focus my attention on, though that doesn't mean teh others will fall by the wayside. I will definitely read more - I love to read. I am going to teach myself to crochet (I was bought a great Star Wars figure crochet kit for Christmas). A new skill learned can never be a bad thing. Obviously paying out for books means money I could use on the trip being spent elsewhere but mental stimulation keeps us on top of things and books most definitely stimulate. I also have a poorly dog right now who will take up funds (being honest with you all I'm terrified she has cancer and am waiting for some tests she had on Friday to come back - I can get them on Wednesday. That is one call I am dreading; she's not just a dog to me). However if I have to use the money I've saved so far for her treatment then I shall do just that - no funds raised for the road trip will be spent on anything other than the road trip for they are raised in a different way will be kept in a different account.

I put on hold the trying to sell bits and pieces over Christmas - let's face it most people will be trying to sell stuff (unwanted gifts) right now but I will get back to it. We're going to have another big loft clear out. I've promised anything I make on bits I will share with Mum as most of it is things she's bought for us over the years; it's only fair she gets something back. I'll even share with her on anything that is purely mine - swings and roundabouts and all that.  Plus she allows me to live in her house at an extremely reduced rate (she charges me no money; I pay the TV, Phone, Broadband and buy anything we need that might break down or wear out so it's exceptionally cheap. Without her doing that I would be homeless so sharing anything with her is the right thing to do). 

Anyway, I had a little break from it all over the festive season but am now back and will be bugging you as often as I can :)