First Donation

I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am right now, for I received my first donation yesterday. Sitting at work, minding my own business when my phone buzzed to let me know I'd received an email. I opened up to check expecting it to be someone offering me a penis enlargement or telling me I am their perfect woman or that in some African country I have never heard of there is a lawyer trying to hand over billions of dollars to me because I've got an unclaimed inheritance, but I was wrong. It wasn't any of those things. It was from paypal to let me know someone had been so kind as to make a donation to the fund.

I am truly humbled by the donors kindness and have been spurred on to keep at it now for the fundraising page isn't even live as such yet - they will only share it on their site once I've raised £100 online - so the kind donor has done so by coming across either my blog entries, twitter rambles or facebook shares. My mind is totally blown away. Of course I always hoped there were such people out there and knew deep down someone somewhere would help but still it has taken me quite by surprise. The mix of emotions I feel right now are hard to describe. Part of me - the part that has never asked for anything from anyone in my life - is a little embarrassed that someone I have never met has been kind enough to donate their own money for me, to help me achieve a dream. At the same time that same me is genuinely humbled and so extremely grateful I feel as though I should be doing something kind for the donor in return. To think there is someone so genuinely selfless out there has touched a part of me I didn't even know existed.

I am now going to have to get the shops accountant to file my tax return for me next year though as I literally have no idea how I list any donations I receive on there - when I have to pay charges on the donations and I'm guessing I'll be liable for tax on them too? I have enough trouble filling one in now and I get paid peanuts, have no savings so don't earn any interest on anything and no other source of income; having to include the donations will confuse me immensely but it's a confusion I will be most happy to feel :) I think when I transfer the money from the gogetfunding account to myself I shall put 20% in a new savings account to cover any taxes than transfer the remainder to the holiday savings account or I'm going to think I have enough to go away with then get stung with a tax bill when I file my return. My accountant will know what to do and although he charges £100 to file a personal tax return it will be easier to get him to do it for me - at least he won't mess it up. I'd hate to get it wrong then find out I owe HMRC a small fortune. 

It's a shame my nephew couldn't get the time off school to join us, part of me feels a bit bad taking his sister with me and leaving him behind but to go during school holidays would add thousands onto the costs and everywhere would be busier - there are many reasons; plus he's not the kind of young man who would get just sitting on a rock staring out at a landscape; his sister gets that. The 2 of us could sit on a rock starting into the distance, not say a word, snap off a few photographs, get up, head back to the car watch as the world passes by our window and at the end of the day we'd both look at each and say "wow, what a great day".