Exciting moment

Sad of me I know but when I transferred the first received donation from the paypal account to the holiday savings account this morning I was quite excited - little things at my age are all it takes :) Not that it was a little thing, in fact it's a really huge thing. A big deal to me, one that means more than I could ever put into words. I've also decided to give the people who still owe me money the savings account details also so when (if they ever) pay me it will not go to clearing my everyday overdraft; I really do want to do this trip and every penny I can gather will help me to achieve the dream. If you want to help add to the pot you can find all the details here :) 

I'm going to have a sort out in the loft this weekend if I can. There are bound to be many items up there still I could get some money for.  Anything that was bought for me by my parents when sold I will share whatever I make with my Mum in a 50/50 split. It seems only fair. She lets me live rent free - when she has very little money herself so giving her back half will be a great thing. Don't get me wrong I don't not pay anything. I cover the TV bill, insurances for the house/animals, telephone and broadband.  They all come from my account and my minimal wage so she's not giving me a place to live in that sense but what I pay in those bills is less than I would have to pay if I was renting somewhere. I also buy things if we need them - new fridge freezer, TV, craft bits and pieces. I'm not sponging off her in any way. I could never do that to her. The good thing about selling old bits and pieces too is that I don't have to pay tax on the bits sold. They've not been purchased to see and are in fact second hand items I own. I have to pay tax on each donation received though as I'm collecting the money for personal use, not charity. That's fair enough though; technically any donations could be classed as earnings even though they've been handed over as a gift in a sense. My brother owes me a couple of hundreds of pounds from some bits I ordered for him off one of my catalogues. I know I should use it to pay it off but if I pay monthly the payments can come out of my wages, which means the lump sum he gives me can go to the savings pot - it's swings and roundabouts. Several other friends owe me money too. I tend to be the one who pays out for things when we/they go somewhere as they may not the money in their account when needed or don't have a bank account - who doesn't have an account these days? Luckily most pay me back although there are some who haven't and I'm not sure I 'll get to see their money. The friend I took to Scotland a few years back has paid me nothing. She wanted to come but couldn't afford to shell out at the time so I paid for us both on the understanding she would pay me back monthly. When I could see that it was costing her as much in recorded postage as she was able to pay I told her to wait until she had it all ready to pay the lot in one go. I'm still waiting; I took her in November 2013. It's only small amounts in the grand scheme of things. She owes me £200, another friend (who sadly is no longer a friend so most unlikely to pay me) owes me £400. I paid for her to go to a couple of gigs and to visit some parks for days out (train fair, park entry etc). Normally she would pay for fuel, parking etc and while she did hand over £20 for fuel one time she's never given me a penny of the other she owes me for, telling me "I'll pay you when I see you next". I have no problem paying when it's a swings and roundabouts affair. I'm going away in June with friend overnight - we're going to a gig. She's paid for the tickets and hotel, I'm paying the train fair. Any difference between the 2 amounts and whoever has paid the least will shout out for dinner. That's how it should be as far as I'm concerned; sadly other's don't feel that way. The friend I went to France with a few years back never gave me a penny towards any of it. I'd paid for the ferry and hotels. Luckily my Grandad gave me some spending money to take with me for when got to France the friend I was with told me he had been unable to get any money from the cash point, so I ended up paying for absolutely everything. We'd agreed beforehand he would pay for fuel and then any difference between that and what I had paid for the ferry and hotels he would give me. He would also pay for his own entry into places and food. He paid not a penny. It ended up costing me over £1000. 

A few years back the guy who fleeced me of over £10k when we were together got an attack of conscience. He sent me a message which said "I'll pay it all back". I knew his wife had just had a £200k payout from a bus company, he'd defrauded his family out of an inheritance and family home too so was pretty much "in the money" so to speak. For a year or 2 every now and then I would find an envelope through my letterbox with cash in it. I'm going to assume it was from him as there was never any note and it started only after he'd messaged me. That's how I was able to pay for my flying whistle stop tour of the US. I'd not had the money so every time he paid me some back I gave it to my brother to look after for me. He promised to not let me have it until there was enough for me travel with. It was also around the time I quit smoking so he made another deal with me that if I was to have just one cigarette he could keep whatever money was in the savings account. I've never touched a cigarette since. Oddly enough once I went away the money stopped. I'm guessing he'd heard through the grapevine I'd just been travelling and decided to stop paying me back - he's still in the house he defrauded his family of so I'm guessing they must have spent the money she got from her payout either on that or they frittered it away on nothing which meant he was unable to give me more - I like to think of it that way rather than the fact he is just a complete and utter W****r who thought the small amount he'd given me back would keep me quiet for another 10 years. I guess I should be grateful he even bothered with that. It's a shame for he still owes me almost enough to get me stateside. In fact I could probably just about do it if he was to have another attack of conscience but I think once in his lifetime is more than we could ask for - if it was in fact even him giving it to me. If it wasn't I've no idea where it could have come from but was extremely grateful for it. 

I managed yesterday to get an email address set up that was free but includes my domain name so if any of you have any questions, comments or suggestions then feel free to message me at :- queries@sarahbradbury.me.uk    Please remember the old saying "If you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing".  If you're a spammer thinking of spamming don't waste your time; there is an alias attached to it with filters so go waste someone elses day.