Sunday = Funday

for most people but for me it's been a case of catching up on all the things I didn't get done yesterday; the reason for that is I had my friend (the one I want to take with me when I complete this trip). He lost his Mum 3 weeks ago and on Friday we had her funeral to attend. He said it was the hardest day of his life - I can't even imagine how it must feel to lose your Mum (losing my Dad was hard enough). As a result I want to raise the money even more now as he could really use something to look forward to. Sadly his Mum had no life insurance and the home she lived in (his home) was rented in her name so not only has he lost his Mum he has also just found himself in the position of being homeless, with her funeral costs to pay. To be able to say to him "hey look, these amazing people have helped us with the funds so we can get away for a few weeks" What a wonderful feeling that would be. How amazing any of you who have been kind enough to dig deep would be. 

Do you know what? This blog has had 17453 views so far to date. Can you imagine if everyone who had viewed the pages had donated just 50p (50c). I'd have more than enough to go, stay, get back and visit everything I want to visit. Now, that makes me wonder whether to set up a membership area where I charge people £1 ($1) to view the crap I write.. haha. Not sure how well that would go down, but it might be worth a try - it's a small amount to pay. Another option (suggested by a friend) was to get my "baps out for the boys". I would never do such a thing, for any amount of money. It is most definitely something I might consider until I've raised the £100 I need for the company to put it live on their site which would then have the fund raising page seen by many more people. I do know my friend has figured out I'm doing this and has shared it on his twitter, fb and instagram profile so I may not need to dupe people into their £1 ($1) for really that's exactly what I would be doing; I'd be duping people and I'd prefer not to be "that person" but it's been over 6 weeks and so far a bit fat, nothing, and so it's another option I can (might possibly) try. I lost all sense of shame when I set the page up. I'm sure a few would complain (let's face it this world is full of people who do - myself included, often) but it's still an option, up there with other suggestions (NOT getting my baps out though.. haha).