So dawns another day

As the world still reels from the shock election result on the other side of the pond I found myself at my work bench earlier wondering what kind of difference him being in charge will make? Then I told myself I don't need to think about it, what's done is done, I can do nothing to change the outcome and we have to accept that democracy didn't work in some people's favour and move on. Easy for me to say; I'm a white woman living in England, but I listened to his speech last night where he said he wants to unite ALL people and I can only hope that he genuinely meant it. With such an eclectic mix of people in my life (race, creed, sexual orientation, colour and any other mannerism/part of them we feel the need to label) I have to hold on to hope that this will not be a backwards step for them.  I've already heard tale this morning of a black girl being told that she should be sitting at the back of a bus, not the front. Sadly this is nothing new - it's been going on over there for years - but it does appear that for now his being voted in is giving the white supremacists the ammunition they needed; I truly believe that they now think he will back them in their attempts to rid the country of anyone who doesn't fit. I hope that not to be so. I have native american friends who seem to think he will leave them alone (that would be nice for them considering their history) but my gay friends and family out there are scared. This sickens me immensely. Nobody should feel scared for being who they are. This man won his election through his prejudice and narrow-minded views; I just hope now he's got where he wants to be that was just a ruse to win and he will do good during his 4 years. I'd still fly out there this afternoon if I had the funds, I don't think his being in charge will affect tourism as much as some people thought, but I will admit I might not steer off the beaten path in some areas now. The events out there have changed things, just not my desire to visit. 

Maybe I should be pushing the tourist office out there into sponsoring me a bit more now though!! I am sure some people will cry off visiting all the while he's in charge. I did tweet them about it - they never bothered to reply or offer up their help, so it's back to asking you wonderful people out there in cyberland to help me. And I really do need your help because as yet I still don't have a single donation :( I know I will at some point and when I do it will take off as I wish, I just thought a few of my friends and family might help to get the ball rolling - it would appear I was wrong so it's down to you lovely people :) I have faith in you all :)

How about it? Will you be my first? :)