It's all about perspective

I'm going to begin this entry with a little whining - bear with me if you can for I need to do that in order for the last bit (and the whole point of this entry) to make sense. 

During the day on Saturday I suddenly got the twinging feeling that something wasn't quite right with one of my teeth - thankfully I don't have problems that often but have been unlucky enough in the past to have an issue with a wisdom tooth that saw me experience quite a few abscesses (nasty things they are). Now, I do have periodontal disease (gum disease to you and I - please, if you smoke GIVE IT UP now, for it was due to smoking that my disease was caused; the irony for someone who takes oral hygiene so seriously to end up with gum disease via other means was not lost on me). Anyhow, by Sunday it had got a little worse but I'm not one of those people who like to go to the dentist or doctors unless I really feel I need - I try to fix all things myself; I gave myself 2nd degree burns once after I stuck my finger in a bottle of detol (neat) when I cut it. Apparently you're meant to dilute it and by quite a bit :)  By Sunday night the ache had turned into quite the throb so I got some garlic cloves, split them in half and placed each half either side of the tooth - great for drawing out an infection. This normally solves any issues so imagine my surprise when I got into bed and could feel it beginning to throb though my head and into my ear as well - this then affected my ability to sleep. I was still awake at 4am hoping that I might be able to get 2 hours in before the alarm went off and I had to start the day. Finally I must have nodded off because suddenly my room was filled with bright light (opening my eyes finding my light directly above my head was switched on was not a nice experience) and my Mum was yelling to me asking what was wrong. Turns out she'd woken and heard either the dog (who was also not herself over the weekend) groaning (snoring) or me (also groaning/snoring) and thought one (or both) of us was dying. That was me then awake for the rest of the day. I am not good on just a few hours sleep, even less so if I've been awakened earlier than I need to be up.

When I got in from work that evening the dog was still not right, so I planned to take her to the vets on Tuesday dreading that they may say something was wrong with her (to me she's not just a dog and I can't imagine her having anything bad - I'd not be able to deal with that). The tooth was raging by the time I fell into bed Monday night but I think I was so exhausted from the night before I managed to fall asleep waking at 3.01am with the most excruciating pain shooting from my top jaw out to my ear. I knew then I may need a trip to the dentist. Added to the swollen lymph nodes I still have I wondered if they were swollen because I'd had an infection in my tooth for a while but finally they could do their job no longer and the infection has taking hold - that's what I like to think is the problem, for the alternative is not something I want to have to deal with. Thankfully I managed to get back to sleep and when the alarm woke me later I had no pain at all, it was completely gone. This made me think that the garlic had worked (I smelled awful for 2 days but if it was working it was worth it) and that the infection had been drawn and drained. I got up and left for work - the dog appeared to be a bit brighter too although still not herself.

By the time I got to work I learned that nothing had drained, my cheeks and eye socket were throbbing, my ear burning and my tooth? Well let's just say I wanted to do a Tom Hanks with the ice skate and whack that painful thing out. However, never one to be deterred, I had the previous evening ordered some coconut oil (which arrived at work) as I'd looked up a thing called Oil Pulling, that's meant to help with tooth issues but also remove any toxins from the body - don't bother wasting your money, it's just another one of the things that some clever person has marketed to make money from. Besides, who can swill the same 10ml of mixture around their teeth for 20 minutes? I lasted just under 9 and that was more than enough. 

A friend popped into work to see me, told me to phone the dentist and then suggested that turmeric is meant to be good for toothache. When I got home last night I dug out my jar of the stuff, mixed it into a paste (as suggested) applied it to the tooth and surrounding gum waiting for it to work it's magic. It never did and earlier today I had to finally relent and make an appointment for tomorrow - it's now raging so fierce it feels as though my lower jaw has the infection rather than the upper one. I'm about ready to rip out every single tooth on the right side of my upper and lower jaw and have even resorted to taking a painkiller - something I try to avoid at all costs. 

So, I gave herbal, traditional and 'old wives tails' treatments a go but it looks as though I shall have to resort to modern day medicine to help me out as I am sure I need some antibiotics - maybe they'll also help my little old lymphatic system get back to normal too. 

Again, last night sleep was not becoming and once again I was rudely awakened this morning by my Mum shoving my door open to yell at me - this time though not about the dog as she was back to her (almost) normal self again by last night - hurrah for that. This time it was tell me that the moon was finally visible (we've not seen any of the super-moon due to bad weather) before telling me I needed to get out and take a photograph. I couldn't get her to understand that taking one when the sun is up in broad daylight would be a lot harder than taking one at night and that I would need a while to get the camera set up - she then moaned at me for about half an hour for not trying, even though I needed to be thinking about getting ready for work. Which is where I am now rambling away to you about my raging tooth/jaw ache (it's currently really hurting). I have to admit I think toothache is possibly the only pain that really gets to me. I've broken bones, sprained things, twisted ankles (once my foot did an almost 180 spin - luckily my Dad's quick thinking and distraction performance got it back to where it should be so the hospital didn't have to re-break it to fix it). Those things are painful, but they can be tolerated. Tooth pain however, that one gets me every single time to the point where I have been known to cry. 

It was while I was stood at my workbench earlier feeling very sorry for myself (nothing worse than a person who feels sorry for themselves either) when a lady came in to order some funeral flowers for her son who has just died. She was telling me how she had 3 boys and this was the second one to die (the first in a car accident aged 18 - this one was found dead in his bed). Suddenly I was reminded of how lucky I am. Even more so when she then told me her eldest son is currently battling cancer. There I was (here I am) feeling sorry for myself over a toothache and there is this lady about to bury her second son, with her 3rd (and only remaining child) battling to stay alive.  Not half an hour after she had left I had another lady in for more funeral flowers who has just lost her husband. One second he was laughing with her as alive as can be, the next minute dead on the floor next to her. He was just 25 and suffered a brain aneurysm. 

My job has a very sobering way of reminding me how fragile this thing we call life is and how we need to live each and every moment while we can - if we can. Ok, so I don't feel like going out and running naked through the woods tonight but just because I don't feel like it doesn't mean I shouldn't do it (I'm not going to, that was just the first analogy of getting my point across that popped into my head - I'm guessing that says a lot about me :) ).  We never know when things are going to change or how it's going to happen and so we need to get out there and start living. For some people that's easy, they have the means to do so and are usually the ones who don't bother to take advantage - I know many people who could be out living their lives without having to worry about the financial side of things or taking time off work; they do nothing. Leave their money in a bank account, spending none of it and are as miserable as sin. I find it so frustrating. It seems those who can, Don't, and those would would, can't. 

How about if you're one of those with it who does nothing with it, you consider sharing a small fraction of it with me? You'd be helping make a dream come true while proving to me that good things can happen to people like me, that there are strangers out there who enjoy making other people's dreams come true. Who know that while I may complain (a LOT) I am also eternally grateful for what I have and appreciate everything anyone has ever done for me, even if that's just a random stranger saying "good morning" to me when I walk the dog in the wind and rain - it may not be a lot to them but it restores my faith in human beings when they do. I see/hear so many bad things, it's wonderful to come across great people who want to spread a little happiness someone else's way.  You know you could spread some my way :) All you have to do is click HERE :)