It won't stop me

Someone said to me this morning "So, now Donald Trump has been voted into the White House, does this mean you no longer want to go to the USA?"

Not in the slightest. I want to go out there as much now as I ever did. However, I am fully aware that things have changed overnight, will continue to change, and none of us have a clue about whether that will be for the better, although if his comments and thoughts before he was elected are to be believed then I think it's going to be a pretty ugly place for anyone who isn't a straight white christian male to be living. 

As an outsider looking in all I can see is Anger. People who took to the polls were angry enough that they voted him in. Those who didn't vote for him are now angry that Hilary Clinton never made it. Everywhere you look there is anger and that can never be a good thing. Family members have fallen out with each over who they voted for. Really? Why would you do that? I've witnessed those saying that hate got him elected turn round and in the same breath they've slated him diss people they know or are related to who chose to vote for him, hating on them in the same way. Surely that makes them no better than the very people they are un-accepting of?  The Clinton camp kept using the slogan "Stronger together" yet now she's not won they're pushing away anyone who didn't vote for her, therefore causing even more segregation and unrest in a country that was struggling with such things to begin with. There were slogans out saying "Love Trumps Hate" yet those very people are letting their own hatred get the better of them. If it wasn't so scary and sad the irony of it all would be overwhelming. 

I'm so glad my parents brought me up to accept that we don't all have the same views/ideas as everyone else and as such we have to accept that just because we believe one thing doesn't mean everyone else has to believe it. If only the rest of the world could think in such terms. I've watched on twitter today people being so abusive to each other over it. They just don't seem to get that anger and hatred are exactly what has brought their country to its knees today. You cannot fight hate with hate. Of course I am also aware that fighting it with love doesn't work either. I have no idea what the answer to it all is, I'm just finding their hatred with even more hatred is fueling the fires and those are fires which need to be dampened. Sadly, at the end of the day it should never have come down to a race between these 2 equally unlikeable people - it was a choice between the lesser of 2 evils; I only hope the american people made the right choice. 

Goodness, I didn't mean to go off on one then (actually went a lot further but deleted it as I don't like to talk politics or religion - the only real good piece of advice my little old Daddio gave to me :). What I was saying is that, Yes, I do still want to go, I will still go, I just know that right now things are not as they once were. By the time I have the funds raised to get out there who knows what might have happened or where the country might be heading? I'm hopeful the places I wish to visit won't change between now and when I get out there, sad that lots of the people may have changed at the same time. Until such time as our foreign office tells the people of the UK not to travel stateside because its not safe, then it will remain the top of a very small list of places I will visit.