Hotels and Forum

Those of you who have visited before will know there used to be a Forum section and a Hotels one. I was trying to be organised and as helpful as possible by listing places to stay if you were to visit some of the places, but to be honest there were so many it was taking up a lot more of my time than I have to spare. I also realised the list was exceptionally long and I know myself when looking through a list I tend to stop after a dozen or so. That then made me think that those first dozen may not be to every readers liking, so I thought it best to remove it all completely rather than just fill up pages for no reason. Let's face it, if you have come across this blog then you already know how to work your way around the internet and will be quite capable of sourcing your own place to stay should you choose to visit any of the places on my route - I really hope you do. Of course if anyone isn't too sure and would like my help in finding somewhere to stay, please feel free to contact me. If I can help in any way I will do. 

The forum also had to go. Although it was receiving a lot of views nobody was willing to start up a conversation on it and I would rather not have it in this blog, than have it sitting there not being used. It's taking up space I could use for something else and time that I could put to use elsewhere. Check me out making it sound as though I am here on this thing 24/7. :) 

I'm still waiting for that one donation that will get the ball rolling - I know someone is out there somewhere; I never give up hope on anything, it's just a matter of the person finding their way to this blog, or any of the other social media outlets I have that are promoting the page. I managed to get a link on my instagram page yesterday, and the friend who I want to take with me now knows I want to take him so he has been sharing it too and has popped a couple of links on his social media for it too. Things are definitely moving in the right direction. It's only a matter of time.

If you think that you are the person to get the ball rolling for me then feel free to do so by clicking HERE :) 

You'll be making this woman a might happy person if you were to do so - clicking the link above that is :) Not just me now either, but my friend I want to take would be eternally grateful also. Having just lost his Mum and home, he could really use something to look forward to; you'd be restoring his faith in world too. That can never be a bad thing.