I think I might be on the mend. Oops, my bad, I bet you all thought I'd had my first donation!! No such luck on that -yet -  but for now if I'm being totally honest I'd much rather have the swollen lymph glands and lumps in my boobies going down then a donation, at least I think they are going down; it could just be I've got so used to them I'm not sure about how many there were or the sizes of them any more. I'm sure a couple of them are definitely smaller though (there are a few which are bigger - or are just little ones which have merged) but it would appear the flu bug is most definitely on it's way out - I've been coughing a lot today - so I assume the 2 coincide with each other. That's what I'm hoping at least. The original one I found is still there and hasn't shrunk yet; I guess that might end up being the last to go. Still, I have 2 more weeks to wait, if they've not gone by then I will have to go for tests - I keep telling myself they WILL be gone. I have to believe that because the alternative is not something I want to be thinking about.

Now, enough of all the doom and gloom. I'm here to beg you good people for your hard-earned money so I can have a wonderful trip to the US of A :) If things keep going as they are the exchange rate is rising nicely so it could mean I need even less to pay for it than I originally worked it all out for. I may not have to beg for quite as much as I thought :) That can never be a bad thing. Of course, if someone out there was kind enough to donate a large amount it would mean I could maybe treat myself to a steak now and then, rather than living on sandwiches :) 

I did get asked yesterday what I would do if someone was to read this and offer to pay for me on the condition I traveled with them and not with my friend. My reply was "that would depend on who was offering". If another friend or associate (or even a friend of a friend who could be vouched for as being trustworthy and safe) was to offer then I would seriously consider the offer, however, if someone I'd never met who knew nobody I know was to offer then I would definitely say no. I may have been stupid with who I've trusted in the past but even that stupid me would never have traveled overseas with a complete stranger. I would never intentionally put my life at risk - for anything, regardless of how badly I wish to go traveling. I'd like to live long enough to do other trips after this one!! Mind you, we can never really guarantee anyone we know can be trusted. Look at those people who live with someone for 50 years who suddenly find out they are not who they thought they were. Thankfully, I do believe I know the friend I want to travel with well enough to know he'd not try to smother me in my sleep - I might him if we have to share a room - but he wouldn't do so to me :)