A whole month

that's how long I've had the fundraising page now, one whole month (and a day).  Still not a donation but as ever I am hopeful - always hopeful - good job really or I'd be back down the doctors again today (yes, I still have the masses of lumps in my lymph glands - I still believe they are due to my body trying to fight a flu bug I've been battling against for 5 or 6 weeks (I am aware that can be a symptom but I'm absolutely certain it's not) or I've got run down with other stuff that's going on in my personal life; either way I have to convince myself it's not a precursor or symptom of some more devastating illness - I need to do this trip and many more before my time on this earth ends). 

A whole month and not a single donation :) 

A friend of mine told me the other day if I was to transfer some money to his account he would then use that to donate the £100 needed to make it live on the site, which once live will hopefully garner some more people who are crazy enough to want to share their hard earned cash with me.  I know he meant well, but A) that would be morally and ethically wrong, B) could be classed as money laundering - I know it's not although at the same time I'm pretty sure it also it. Plus, I'd also lose some of the funds as the company who sort it for you take a small (and it is small) percentage of any funds raised. If I was to use my own money I'd want to keep it all :) Besides, if all else fails I can always the lottery instead!!

I'm still in the process of working out the routes and maps - the page with them on should be live soon. If I've missed anywhere you think I should visit please let me know and I'll go about adding it to route - time, distance permitting.  It's not easy trying to fit all these bits and pieces in between holding down a full-time 6 day week job. I'm amazed at how often I'm able to get here, begging strangers to help me :)