Thank you

Firstly, I'd like to thank whoever keeps hitting +1 on my blog entries. I can't see who you are but it is most appreciated :) Maybe I know you?? Maybe I don't, but please be assured I am happy you do so. Now, if you could just share it with your friends who might be willing to share a pound or 2 that would be marvellous :)

Looking at not raising anything yet I might bite the bullet and transfer some of the money I've put aside myself in my savings account into the fund raising one. At least that way it will send the page live which will hopefully then start the ball rolling and see some funds coming in - I am still hopeful I won't have to fund myself though. How sad would that be?

Today I'm going to talk to you about the next stop on the trip. The Battle of Little Bighorn. I think I knew before I was even born that I wanted to visit this place and to have been blessed with a couple of hours there when I was out in the states previously was like a dream come true. I feel a bit wicked saying it's like a dream when it's a battle site but because I wanted to go there for so long, a dream is just what it was. However, a couple of hours is/was nowhere near long enough. To be able to go there again, spend time walking the pathways, experiencing the atmosphere will make me feel like I am a truly, extremely lucky lady. I wanted to spend time in the visitor centre chatting with the people there who have a knowledge of what happened that day and of the area. I never got chance to read the boards at a memorial area I came across. I just managed to snap off a couple of photo's but they were in areas the coach driver chose to stop, not necessarily where I would have chosen to stop. I could spend 3 days there, so the 2 hours wasn't anywhere near enough. I want to get there as soon as the place opens, and leave when it closes - that still won't be enough time but it will help satisfy my longing to be back there.

We'll leave Cody at the crack of dawn to get there just in case there's something we like the look of to stop at on the way. I guess we'll get to our motel that evening just in time for bed; it's literally going to be a sleep stop for we'll be getting underway the next morning fairly early again too.

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