Today I logged onto the twitter account I set up to see if I can share my begging pages(let's face it, begging is exactly what I am doing) to find a company offering "great rates" to share my pages for me to get more exposure. Now, I know the old saying goes "you have to speculate to accumulate" but do people follow these companies to see what's going on? According to their pages they do have 28000 followers but if they are guaranteeing to share my page 5 times a day for 7 days surely it will get lost among all the others they are also sharing? They want only $14 to promote the page, which in the grand scheme of things is a small amount, but surely as the other saying goes "if it seems to good to be true, then it must be" is to be believed they would be taking my $14 and not really getting me out there. How can they guarantee it will be seen by 615000 facebook users? That it will be reached by over 2 million twitter users? Maybe if they were offering 7 days free and it brought in some much wanted and appreciated funds then it would be worth a small amount of consideration, but I've been conned in the past by people I know and trust extremely easily; I'm not prepared to fall for a con from someone (and or) a company I don't know. Besides, as I have said before and will continue to say, there are far more deserving people in this world that I am. If I was to pay for them to promote my page I could potentially be taking away funds that could go to someone who needs medical treatment to save their life. I'll just keep plugging away on my own, hoping that eventually someone out there will come across this (or my page) make a donation so that I finally reach the minimum amount needed for the fundraising company to put me on their public pages and from there on it at least I will know it is being seen; whether someone chooses to donate is then up to them. If anyone reading this wants to, you can do so here :)

As yet I have still failed to raise a single penny and have shared with my friends, family and on a personal blog I keep that has many subscribers. If you're someone who doesn't know me, you might be wondering why my friends would not be willing to kick off my funds, and if they're not then why should you? It's because a lot of my friends do not agree with me setting up my funding page. They are lucky enough to have good incomes or family members of their own who can pay for them or at least loan them the amount they need on a "pay it back if you ever have it basis". They are people who have well paid jobs, who bought their houses at the right time. People who have not had someone fleece them and leave them penniless. They're not judging me for asking and setting the page up (as such) but they don't think I shouldn't be doing it. They believe I am lowering myself by doing so. Maybe I am, maybe I'm not, but the fundraising pages are there, they allow people to use them to fund their travel, so I'm figured "why not"? Life is too short to worry about what other people think of me for doing it. The friends who do think it's a good idea - one especially who is hoping I will include him as a travel buddy when I go - don't have the money either to pay for the trip. I guess in a way I'm not just raising it for me, I'm raising it for him also. It's just I'm the one who wants to do it, he'll just want to tag along so wouldn't be interested in trying to raise the funds himself. That makes him sound lazy and a taker. He's not at all, he's just not very good at working computers (or phones, unless he's taking a call while I'm in the middle of talking to him) and he'd forget to keep it up to date. I set up a twitter, pinterest, instagram, blog, facebook page and flickr for him so he could share the amazing photo's he takes, keeping them separate from his personal accounts as I think he is good enough he could set up his own business selling the photo's he captures; he's never really bothered with any of them because he "forgets" about them, so they're all sitting there, good to go, waiting with followers already, yet he's still posting to his personal accounts (when he thinks to) because he forgets about the others. I did set him up with a website too that he could sell his photo's from, but I deleted it in the end. It seemed pointless me working on it when he wasn't keeping it up to date. So, he's not a bad person, he just has a brain like a sponge. Some bits stick, while others drain away.

Well, that concludes Day 2. Still no donations but as ever I believe it will happen. My time will come :)