I'll keep trying

11 days live and not a single donation :( All is not lost though as I don't plan on going for 24 months. I know by that time I'll have raised all I need (possibly more). I have a good feeling about it all. I'd not have set the page up in the first place if I'd not thought I was going to be able to raise the funds I need. I consider (even after all the bad stuff that's happened) to be a really lucky person - on this I believe I'm going to be extremely lucky.

So, where do I want to visit? Good question. If you're going to hand over your hard earned money to send me stateside it's only fair I tell you where I want to visit.

All of the states.. every single one of them, but to begin with I'd like start in Wyoming, heading into Montana and South Dakota too - I might even cross into Idaho or the edge of Nebraska, but those aren't part of the plan this first time. Due to work commitments I can't take too long at a time to travel. I'd love to visit a lot more places, time won't allow (neither will money unless I win the lottery).

The first port of call will be Jackson Hole, Wyoming. We'll land there late in the evening so will pretty much head straight to our motel (I've chosen a 3* one for our stay in Jackson) I figured after 16 hours flying (there is a stopover in Salt Lake City for a few hours on the way, where we will have to entertain ourselves in the airport) we might need a decent night's sleep, so 3* was the only way to go. We'll stay there for 3 nights.

Our first full day on US soil will be spent exploring Grand Teton National Park (I've heard the scenery is spectacular and that Jenny Lake is definitely worth a photo stop). Before going I will purchase a national park pass that gives us entry into all the parks I want to visit. There is also a cable car I've heard of that's meant to be worth taking a ride on so if time permits we might check it out while we are there. I'm also hoping we'll get time to pop into the Silver Dollar bar as I've been told they have novelty saddles at the bar instead of chairs. We'll definitely only be visiting the bar, we're not staying in the hotel.

Day two will be spent exploring the town itself. Hopefully we'll get to chat to some locals, experience some of the culture and history of the place. I'd also like to have a trip down the snake river. White water rafting is not for me, but the company I've found do scenic trips; what a great opportunity for some photography with the added bonus of a chance at seeing some wildlife too, although they are never guaranteed how amazing would it be to see a moose having a wander along the edge of the river, or an eagle fly overhead?.

Day three will see us leave Jackson behind - hopefully with some great memories - and we'll head off to Yellowstone National Park, home of Yogi bear. Eh? What do you mean he's at Jellystone? You mean all those years I got it wrong? :)   There are no plans to stop anywhere specific en route so we will play it be ear. I've no doubt there will be plenty of places that grab our attention which we will want to explore, before arriving at our hotel later that evening.