Give up, Sarah

Those are the words spoken to me last night by a good friend. They know I've set up the fund raising page, asked me how many donations I'd had. When I told them "none online, yet" they laughed and uttered the words "Give up, Sarah".  When I asked "why?" they replied "It's been 17 days and not a single person has bothered or even is bothered. You are just wasting your time".

Ok, so they are right, it has been 17 days (or is it more)? Actually I make it only 15 days, but Rome wasn't built in a day. What if they had given up because it wasn't happening immediately? I think for the amount of coverage this blog is getting in such a short space of time things are moving along nicely, thank you very much. Goodness, this isn't about a quick fix to a problem, it's about reaching out to people, hoping the right one will come across my words, my pages and will decide to help kick it all off. Of course I would love to go next year, realistically though I know the possibilities of that are slim, yet that doesn't mean it's not possible. I have bits and pieces I'm selling also to try to raise the funds. It's not all about this fundraising page. Yes, of course I'd love to get the ball rolling on it, get that £100 raised so that the company will set it live for me, therefore reaching more and more people, but the internet is a really big place, I am a very tiny insignificant part of it, right now. I have to wait until the one small opening appears, which will then catapult me and my pages interstellar. At that point the £100 I need will be raised and the rest will be plain sailing - I truly do believe this campaigning will succeed. I can already visualise myself picking up the phone, calling the hotels, making the bookings for the rooms. Of course, as the friend said I could always "make the £100 donation" myself to kick start things. I could if I really wanted to but doesn't that negate the whole point of it? I'll just keep tapping away, sharing the page, sharing myself, let people get to know me. I believe in what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, and in people. All it's going to take is just that one person - who I will be eternally grateful too :)

The forum as you may have seen is live. It doesn't have any topics yet though as I was hoping to be able to set it up with some before making it live. Sadly it doesn't work that way so I will try over the next week or two to get some info on there; hopefully that should encourage others to share also. That's the plan at least.

I had a real boost this week when I shared a photo on instagram that I'd taken on my last trip stateside. It had more likes than all my other photo's combined have had. It's not somewhere I will be going to back, so it's nice to know I was able to capture one shot that other's have deemed good. I think part of the reason for wanting to go back so badly, is to re-take some of the photo's I took when I was on my "whistle stop" tour. Because we didn't get long anywhere, it literally was a case of (grab camera, snap off a quick shot, move onto the next spot).  The ones I took at Bryce Canyon (stunning place; if you ever get the chance to visit I highly advise you do but try to allow 2, 3 or even 4 days there to experience/see it all. I was allowed 15 minutes at 3 different viewing stations and 25 minutes for lunch at Ruby's Inn). Not really enough time to get any great photo's but I was pleased with a view. They bring back a memory which is never a bad thing. The one I shared which got so many likes brought back the taste of sand to me - not really the kind of memory you would think of. Bouncing around in the back of a 4 wheel truck thing which seated 14 people (I was lifted from my seat several times - in fact it was more thrilling than most roller coasters). The views were ok when the sand wasn't blowing in my eyes, up my nose and in my mouth - you had to open your mouth to breath at times where the sand was so dense, hence why I know how it tastes. Of that hour we spent hurtling through the valley, my one real memory is the taste of sand - I guess that says a lot about me :)

Another thing I got asked the other day was how I feel about those people out there who will inevitably "troll" me at some point because of the very nature of my campaign.  Until it happens I guess I can't really say for sure, but I have come across such people at other points on the internet during my time and have found the easiest way to shut them up is to hit the "block" or "report" buttons. There will be negative comments from people out there (heck, even some of my 'friends' have made such negative statements to me). That's to be expected. Some will say/do it because they're jealous (what an awful thing jealousy is). Some will do it for their own kicks (I find it sad that people have to bait others just to get a kick or attention; one can only guess they were never loved enough as children). Some will do it because they absolutely don't agree with my reasons for raising the money. That's fine, we are all entitled to our opinion about things and I'm putting myself out there for the whole world to see. Doing that is setting myself up to these "trolls". I accept that and hope when the time comes I deal with them swiftly and efficiently. I'll no doubt let you all know when the first one pops up from under it's bridge.