But why you?

That's a question I was asked earlier. My answer? Why not?

There are always going to be people out there who don't agree with my asking for strangers to pay for me to have a great few weeks in my life. I get that, it's there prerogative to feel that way if they so choose. I just look at it from the point of view that there are loads of people out there with plenty of money to go round, who are at a loose end with what to do with some of the funds they have. They may come across this, or my funding page, and think to themselves "you know what, I've got a few quid spare, let's help this lady get where she wants to go". I know if I had money to burn I'd spend my days looking for people I could anonymously help. It can be difficult to weedle out the fakes. The funding page I use has lots of people on it looking for help to pay for medical bills, etc. They have a set amount they want to raise, but what if they don't raise it? The company don't give it back to the donors, the people asking get to keep it, so how do you know the person you've just helped out is genuine? How do you know they're not just claiming to be raising money for a good cause, when in fact they are just trying to see how much they can get out of someone for their own ends. At least I have been upfront and honest about why I want the money. Please don't think I'm knocking any of those genuine people. I wish I had enough money to help all of them with the full amounts they wish to raise, but I bet there is a fairly high percentage of people on the site (and others like it) who are not genuine in any way, shape or form, who are sucking people into parting with their hard-earned money which they are handing over in good faith. I don't like people who do such things, but sadly have learned the hard way that they exist - and there are a lot more of them than you would think.

I'm not leaving it all to the kindness of strangers though, for I currently have a few bits on ebay and social media for sale and will be starting car boot sales soon (I absolutely detest those with a passion but I have a load of stuff under my bed, stuffed in wardrobes or rotting away in the attic that could really help boost my funds - they're not being used). Oh, and for the record any money raised has to be declared to the taxman for I have to do my own self assessment and could be contacted at any time with them wanting to go through my bank account and figures (obviously anything I sell from under my bed they can't tax me on it's not been bought to be sold, but all funds I can raise via the fundraising pages will be declared).

I may set up a facebook page where I'll allow any old random person to contact me; that way I could add a link from this, to it and maybe get it noticed by a few more people. Sharing it among my usual friends is getting me nowhere. Not sure about that as I don't really like too many people knowing things about me, but when needs must and all that :) I'll get some games going on there, that always seems to get random people adding you. I have so many friends who don't have a clue who their facebook friends are. How scary is that?

In fact; I'm off to do that right now.  Let's go get me some facebook friends.