Another day, another shameless plug

As the title says I'm here to shamelessly plug my holiday fundraising page - that is after all why I set this blog up in the first place. Mind you right now I should be concentrating on bills a bit more than holidays as I got stung with one I knew nothing about at the weekend. However, I work long enough hours and am lucky enough to have a great overdraft (which will cover the bill for me) that I believe I deserve a holiday. I just need your help to get it, hence why I am here again :)

I did manage to get a google adsense account which I'm really pleased about, on my personal blog page. It won't generate millions but even £1 ($1) here and there will soon mount up. I remember my Nan telling me when I was younger "Look after the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves". My how that women looked after the pennies, but it does seem to have worked in her favour. I'll look after all those pennies anyone donates for me - of that you can be well assured. I also won't spend the funds on anything other than trip (which I'm sad to say is a lot more than some people will do). My iPod as yet hasn't had a single bid on it, but it does still have 3 days to go. I feel hopeful I'll get something for it that can be added to the pot. Let us not forget it will take just 10000 pennies to raise the £100 the company I'm using for fundraising for require before they will make the page live. So that's 10000 people donating 1p, or 1000 donating 10p, 100 people donating 100p, 10 people donating 1000p or just 1 lovely person to donate 10000 pennies. Empty your penny jars people; it could be you who helps kick start the whole thing for me :)

So, those of you thinking about donating (I know you are; I can sense it) might want to know where I intend to travel.. I've mentioned some places in previous blog entries (so get reading) but you may have noticed in the tabs on the main page I've made a page entitled (Places - well, as of writing this I haven't but I will do later on today). On that page I've listed the route I'd like to take as well as places I want to visit on the way. I've tried to explain why I want to visit the places too.

Today I'll be talking about Cody. It's not somewhere I would have considered visiting, however, having spent an evening there (I basically got to my hotel room at 9pm one night and was gone by 6am the next morning) I really would like to go back. We passed by Cody Old Town on the way from our hotel heading into Yellowstone. I would have loved to stop there (much better than the K-Mart 45 minute break we did instead!!) I'd heard of the 'Hole-in-the-wall gang' from watching too many western style movies as a child - who hasn't seen Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? They hung out here, as did Buffalo Bill, Jeremiah Johnson and Curley (the crow scout who lead Custer to the Battle of Little Bighorn - I like to think he knew he was leading him to his death but fear that was not the case - also the childhood name given to the mighty Crazy Horse). Rich in the history of the wild west it is somewhere I would truly love to visit and experience. How authentic the buildings are I don't know, but the website states they are so who am I to argue with them on that?

There are also a number of great museums I'd love to visit while there. The frontier days were/are a fascinating (if not brutal) time in history. I'm kind of glad I wasn't there to experience it, but also that there are places I can learn about it, which will open up a knowledge to me I have been seeking since I was a child. What happened during those times certainly shaped America, but in doing so basically shaped the rest of the world also.