An idea shared

Today, I set up a forum. I'm going to add it to this blog and thought it would be a great place for us to share our ideas on how to fund raise better - let's face it I'm beginning to think I might not be very good at it as I've not had a single donation yet :) - where we could share travel tips, hotel and attraction reviews. I've not got it live just yet as I need to add some content to it so people don't just pop along, look, see nothing and move on elsewhere. I thought if I could get a few hints and tips of my own on there it might encourage more people to join in. I'm also looking into allowing adverts on here, although not entirely sure about that as I find them bloody annoying on a good day. Still if they generate traffic and potential funds then I think I should give it a try.  If the forum get's enough traffic I may consider making it a "members only area". For now though it's a free-for-all. If you do go on there please remember it's for travel use only.

After writing that paragraph I decided to give the ads a go so have applied to google to see if they will allow me to have ads. They may not as this hasn't been running long enough, but I'm feeling really positive about things right now, so am more than a little bit hopeful :) If it works I might even add it to my personal blog too.

As I said I've still not had a donation - even after posting on my facebook wall that if all my friends were to donate just 50p I'd have enough for the people who run the funding pages to make it live on their site. My friends are such tightarses :)  I may get the friend who wants to travel with me to try on his page. He's got hundreds of friends, half of them he doesn't even know :) This page itself is getting loads of views. Surely a few of you passing by could spare 50p here and there? :)

Back to the forum. I've not visited many places so won't be able to input too much information but wherever I have stayed I've kept a diary and use that to leave reviews on places - hotels, attractions, even a motorway services once. I'm sure there are lots of travel forums out there in the big wide world, you can never have too much of a good thing. I also thought if there are any others out there who have successfully raised the funds they need for travel thanks to the kindness of others, they may be willing to share their tips with us (me) that will help get the word out there and attract the kind of people who would be willing to help.  There is that company on twitter who messaged me that charge to promote you, but I'd like to try not to pay out any money if I can help it, especially when there is no guarantee of getting any back. Aside from the domain for this blog (it cost less than £20) I'm hoping to get money in, not pay it out :)

Ooh; I did get a bit excited when I saw someone one +1'd a post. No idea how that works or who's done it, but I'm very grateful they have :)